Mickey vs DeSantis


Cinthia Cruz

Disney and DeSantis come face to face in order to settle the new regalements and protocols Disney will follow.

 Governor Ronald DeSantis has recently decided that Disney World should no longer hold its self-governing status. For more than 50 years, Disney has had its own taxing system, which allowed the company to have its own planning system that ranged from deciding where activities would take place to where fire departments would be located. DeSantis has ordered a new system that will put Disney under the governing regulations of Florida, meaning that the state will now have more oversight than Disney itself will. 

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“Disney and its support for the LGBTQ+ community represents the openness it has to everyone in this society. Disney embraces the different cultures and I believe that as evolving humans we should too. It is something that people need to get used to and it would not be bad if little kids understood it from an easier perspective than it suddenly being thrust upon,”sophomore Melanie Fajner said.

Opponents see this as punishment to Disney since the company defied DeSantis’ changes to gender and race education. Indeed, when DeSantis passed the bill “Don’t Say Gay” for young students in school, Disney made their disapproval very obvious. Disney even stated they were open to all genders and would help incorporate acceptance into the minds of young kids.

Mandy Scahffer, a citizen and mother, was part of a “public shaming” in which she stated that Disney had been promoting immorality. DeSantis, a political opportunist with a penchant for culture wars, has recently latched on to this point of view. Consequently, the state government now has control over Disney.

Governor DeSantis has introduced the five political allies which are all Republicans; they will take up seats on Disney’s board. The governor is using his power to discard an enlightening moment for kids to see the diversity in the world. Disney’s purpose, to promote inclusivity for the kids and teenagers who feel as though they are not accepted in society, is being undermined thanks to DeSantis’ opportunistic actions. As a safe space for kids of all ages, Disney has pushed to develop young peoples emotional maturity. DeSantis, though, wants to promote other types of beliefs and values, which might actually make kids more closed minded than they should be. 

I would definitely say it is wrong because Disney has the right to believe what they want along with everyone else. DeSantis basically is limiting their freedom of speech by sanctioning Disney for disagreeing with him

— sophomore Paola Perdomo

Fortunately, Disney has the support of many, because teaching kids that they can be themselves is crucial for their emotional development. From a young age, the company encourages children to take pride in who they are and to be aware of what is going on in the world. This practice should be maintained in order to empower the next generation to build a more inclusive, tolerant world.

“If Disney’s self governing stance was taken because DeSantis felt the need to prove his power after Disney openly disapproved of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, than that is wrong. The only good thing from this is that DeSantis’ will to lower the taxes that are imposed on the local people. The way he went about the whole situation was somewhat wrong but at least there will be good consequences for the local citizens and their taxes,” sophomore Giuliana Levito said.

On the bright side, DeSantis has declared Disney will not be exempted from Florida Building Code, Fire Prevention Code, State Regulatory Reviews and Approval and Disney secrecy. This criteria obligates the company to pay taxes, preventing local governments from raising taxes. Many local politicians have opposed the governor’s plan, arguing that Disney’s debts would be dumped on Floridians and would cause property tax increases. However, DeSantis has firmly rejected this stance.

As a result, Florida citizens can now look forward to reduced taxes, placing a significant burden off of their shoulders. From now on, Disney will have to pay for its infrastructure, just like SeaWorld, Universal Studios and other theme parks. The way DeSantis handled the “Don’t say Gay” bill with Disney was not professional, however, the regulations that Disney now has to abide by are fair. 

A state control board has been created to help run and govern the Disney area. Martin Garcia from Tampa is now appointed as chair of the board, Bridget Ziegler, member of Sarasota County School board, Ron Peri who is a pastor, Mike Sasso; a Seminole Country lawyer and  Brian Aungst Junior who is a Clearwater Lawyer. A board meeting has been scheduled for Wed. March 1 which will begin with proceedings for Disney. It is now Mickey versus DeSantis, as the whole world watches to see what other regulations will be placed on the theme park by the governor.