Is Radical Feminism Causing Male Infanticide?

Feminist Lana admits to having aborted her child because it was a boy.

The Huffington Post UK

Feminist Lana admits to having aborted her child because it was a boy.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

On Feb. 8, feminism took a radical turn when Feminist “Lana” admitted to having aborted her child for the simple fact that it was male. It is such acts of unreasonable feminist extremism that leave some to question the sanity of certain feminists.

The underlying reasons behind Lana’s decision to abort her son clearly resulted from her ignorance of the other available option of raising her child to be a ‘feminist.’ Lana‘s attempt to get pregnant were centered around her strong desire to become a mother to a baby girl; once she got pregnant, Lana could not have been happier. When she learned that she was pregnant with a boy, her desires of being a mother vanished. She could not bare the idea of giving birth to a child of a gender that she was certain would grown up to become misogynistic. So instead of allowing her son to live and raise him with correct values of equality, she resorted to preventing him from living at all.

I would understand if she aborted the baby because she could not care for it, but because of his gender is just plain idiotic. She is making society think that feminists hate men and that we want to take them down, when in reality the aim of a feminist is to establish equal rights among all genders. Plus, feminists are not gender exclusive; there are male feminists as well. The baby could have grown to be a feminist for all she knew.”

— Junior Dayana Martinez

Despite the obvious injustice in this situation, there are some who sympathize with Lana and argue that her action was reasonable to her circumstances. It was clear that the disappointing gender had placed Lana in an uncomfortable situation, given the fact that Lana had clearly experienced various misogynistic situations with men. Yet such acts of infanticide are considered illegal, not only in the United States but in other countries as well. China, for instance, is currently dealing with over 6,833 cases of illegal gender determined abortions, which resulted in gender instability within their country. This brings to question what the consequences of actions similar to Lana’s are.

“Although I don’t agree with Lana’s decision, I do believe that everyone has the right to do as they think they should. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choices, and that should be respected. If she truly believed aborting her child was the right thing for her then I respect her for carrying out her decision, even though I am not supportive of what she did,” sophomore Lara Waldman said

The ideas on which the feminist movement was built are tremendous concepts that have achieved a great deal for women, but people may take these ideas to the extreme. Lana’s actions were unacceptable despite her intentions, but these mistakes can serve as an example as to what feminists should not do.