American Sniper – Patriotic or Borderline Offensive?

Is American Sniper just a documentary or is it something much more.

Is American Sniper just a documentary or is it something much more.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

American Sniper is a documentary film about the life of American sniper Chris Kyle, and how he struggles to maintain his wellbeing while facing the challenges of war, such as killing civilians with no hesitation. Released on Jan. 16, 2015, the movie attracted controversy because of its anti-Islamic themes and pro-war ideas. Although many people think that the film is offensive, it is meant to be a documentary; it is supposed to follow the life of an actual marksman and his experiences in the Iraqi War.

“I don’t feel that the movie was overly offensive. Sure, it could have toned down a little bit, but other than that it was technically a documentary so it was, for me, acceptable,” freshman Coleman Dennis said.

Ever since the film was released, it has constantly been in the spotlight. But American Sniper’s controversy is unjustified, because it does accurately portray the life of Chris Kyle. American Sniper should be shown to the world so that we can see what war does to people, so that history does not repeat itself.

However, most people will still say that American Sniper promotes anti-Islamic acts and war. This is understandable, because handling such a politically charged movie is difficult; it has to show all sides of the situation, and some people do not like that. But American Sniper still remains true to the story of Chris Kyle, and shows what any one has to endure during warfare.

Despite all of the constant questioning and scrutiny, American Sniper should prove to the world that we need to stop wars once and for all. By educating the world’s future generations about the horrors of war, we can prevent future catastrophes like this.