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Senior Sundae Offers the Class of 2024 a Sweet Surprise

Matthew Castano
With their friends by their sides and ice creams in hand, Cavalier seniors pose at the photo booth in the decorative auditorium lobby.

A Coral Gables Senior High School tradition, Senior Sundae welcomed the seniors to their second treat day of the year, where cool and customizable snacks for ice cream were distributed. On Nov. 30, students who visited the familiar lobby area of the auditorium during their respective lunch were welcomed into the transformed set-up, where colorful balloons and retro music made for a nostalgic ice cream shop theme. To celebrate their last year at Gables, they were able to pick their ice cream flavors and toppings and get their photo taken at a photo booth.

“We decided we wanted to have it in the auditorium because it made the most sense to have students flowing through, but also to have a cold space to hold the ice cream so that it didn’t totally melt,” senior class President Alexandra Roa said.

At the auditorium’s entrance, Student Activities members were in charge of checking in students, approving seniors who could then make their way in. Those allowed in had to have fundraised earlier in the school year, needed to have on uniform and show an ID. The ice cream shop played welcoming tunes as the sweet-toothed seniors chose their ice cream flavor: chocolate, vanilla or cookies and cream.

Junior Melissa Hernandez scoops ice cream, preparing for the mass of seniors waiting for their sweet desert. In the meantime, she socializes and sings with her friends. (Matthew Castano)

Moving along the table stations, seniors were invited to self-serving their selected syrups. Add-on options included chocolate or caramel flavored Ghirardelli sauces. While some students put both, others decided against either. The following station expanded the potential flavor combinations that students could create, with four toppings to choose from. The students working scooped the requested toppings: classic sprinkles, crushed oreos, brownies and Funfetti cake. 

After getting their spoons, seniors posed for photos with their friends and ice cream for memories captured by the different publications. Students then excited, ice cream in hand, mingled during their lunch break while enjoying their treat.

“I loved the different toppings, which is why I put a bit of everything on my ice cream. My friend group gathered different ice creams and we were trying them from each other, and we all liked them. The design in the auditorium was nice, especially the music, so I was dancing along with it while I was in line,” senior Solanch Montagne said.

During both lunches, those working from Student Activities kept busy by shoveling scoops of ice cream for seniors and by plating their bowls with the different toppings. Music kept visitors and workers entertained, with dancing and singing being a testimony to the excitement.

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The theme was shown with the decorations put together by Mrs. Camacho and Mrs. D’Alemberte, the two sponsors of Senior Class. The banners and balloons that were placed in the shapes of  ice cream cones with sprinkles were set up with the sponsors’ inspiration before the entrance of seniors. The ice cream, which was stored in the freezer of the 9000s cafeteria, was brought out periodically as the tubs were emptied.

“We have four treat days throughout the year, so we have to disperse the funds we can work with, which we got through fundraising. Mrs Camacho and Mrs D’Alemberte are really the people behind the vision. They went on Pinterest to find the cute balloon art things, with the cones and sprinkles,” senior Roa said.

An end to a successful first lunch brought about an hour to refill the topping station and clean up the tables, with remaining time for a break. It was during second lunch when the rest of the seniors got their sweet treats, again picking their desired edible adornments.

Before bringing the whole operation to a close, Activities students brought ice creams to some of their teachers, both to avoid food waste and to give a gift of appreciation to Gables’ educators. The music inside the auditorium’s lobby did not cease as workers helped clean up after Senior Sundae.

At the topping station, matching Student Activities members assist a school police officer with his ice cream, one of the many faculty members who was given a treat. (Matthew Castano)

“Receiving the ice cream, and all the things they do for the teachers makes us feel good. If I showed up here one day and no one came by, it would hurt a little. I think that it’s one of those little things people do that make you feel good,” Mr. Miller said.

Though Senior Sundae ended, underclassmen who walked by understood that it would not be long before they got to enjoy their sundaes, while seniors appreciated the tasty snack as a celebration of their expansive path at Gables.

“I’m very excited for next year because I like how they’re actually making seniors a priority and giving them what they deserve, especially for all the hard work they’ve been doing through all the four years. Also, who wouldn’t like free ice cream,” junior Brianna Gonzalez said.

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