The Start of a New Chapter: College Signing Day



Seniors posed with a banner representing their class’ commitments on College Signing Day.

Alan Morffi, Staff Writer

Marking new beginnings, the long-awaited College Signing Day was held in the gymnasium to celebrate the achievements and acceptances of the Class of 2022.

Entering the gym, seniors were greeted with the opportunity to sign a banner with the colleges that they have committed to. The banner was soon filled with the names of colleges from across the nation and even across seas. A Class of 2022-inspired photo booth was created to allow seniors to take pictures with friends and make lifelong memories. Flags of varying state, out-of-state and even overseas schools were given for the booth like the University of Florida, Columbia University and more.

With Drama teacher Ms. Barrow as an engaging emcee, the slate of games commenced with two rounds of musical chairs. The game started with 36 seniors and 35 chairs with four seats being removed each time, making the rounds more fast-paced and intense. The music played and the games ended with Mark Snyder and Jana Faour winning. The senior winners were each given a $50 Amazon gift card prize for surviving the longest in a strenuous match of musical chairs.

I was overjoyed to spend the day celebrating the past four years with such engaging games. Seeing the smiles of my friends getting into the school of their dreams made the whole experience that much more grand,”

— senior Julian Mesa

The next game up was tug of war, of which two rounds were played. The first round was between out-of-state students and in-state students, with the in-state students taking the victory in a hard-fought match. The next match was between Florida State students and UF students, where the FSU students gained bragging rights over the Gators.

The closing games included a balloon relay race and a cup tournament. Students raced down the court and popped balloons in order to run back. They tagged their next teammate until all five balloons popped. For the cup tournament, students were forced to complete obscure tasks before they rushed to get the cup. The student who got to the plastic cup first advanced in a single elimination tournament with senior Camilo Gil taking home a $50 Amazon gift card as a reward.

“I never thought a day like this would come where I could celebrate my hard work over the years. Spending time with my friends who are going to be with me for the next four years made my day,” senior Justin Pujol said.

To end the day, a gym-wide dance session allowed the students to let loose on the dance floor. Bakery treats and goods were given upon leaving to close the event on a sweet note. With the year almost over, College Signing Day cements itself as being one of the last celebrations for seniors before they move onto the next chapter of their lives.