Pandemic of the Decade: Coronavirus


Abigail Colodner

Sophomore Abigail Colodner was required to wear a mask in the airport during her flight to New York this past month.

Allison Cajina, Staff Writer

As statements about the Coronavirus, COVID -19, rapidly spread through the media, many concerned people have taken extreme measures to ensure that their health is not jeopardized.

According to scientific research, the virus is highly contagious only needing a minimal amount of exposure to contract it. Miami being a worldwide vacation destination puts it at an even higher risk for an instant spread of the virus, coming in contact with just one person could have detrimental effects.

Recently in Florida, there have only been two confirmed cases of Coronavirus, one woman in Hillsborough County who recently returned from a trip to Italy and a man in Manatee County. This is dangerously approaching the area we live in and worried citizens have been doing everything they can in order to prevent any problems.

Allison Cajina
“Wash Your Hands” posters have been posted around bathrooms to ensure students do not forget to keep themselves and others sanitized.

Gables contains around four thousand students who interact with one another on a daily basis. There have been posters set up around the buildings instructing students on how to properly wash their hands after using the restrooms.

Teachers are purchasing sanitary products like soap for the bathrooms and hand sanitizer for their students. They are also taking an extra step and decontaminating their classroom by wiping it down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Some local elementary schools have prevented parents from freely entering their children’s classrooms, they now have to schedule appointments to be able to speak with teachers. Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is preparing its medical students by conducting emergency outbreak drills. In case of an outbreak, they are being trained on how to protect themselves first in order to help others who may be infected.

As for the entirety of the community, the Coronavirus has caused public events, such as the Ultra music festival, to be postponed until the coast is clear – possibly up to one year. Ultra is a crowded music festival in which participants tend to come into contact with thousands of strangers; this exposure is a risk that the City of Miami was not willing to take.

Many people who already purchased their tickets are upset about this decision, but Miami officials recognize the fact that people from all over the world come together during the event and any of them could possibly be infected without knowing.

The Calle Ocho Festival is also a congested event that many tourists and locals look forward to each year. It was planned to take place on March 15th, although it has not been officially postponed or canceled, its cancellation is under question.

Manuel Reyes, a Miami board of commissioners member, believes it should be addressed the same way as Ultra. A major factor informing his opinion is the fact that many elderly people attend the Calle Ocho Festival and as it has been reported, the virus affects elders much more than any other age demographic.

Some are trying to take advantage of everyone being in a fragile state and are scamming residents. Emails and phone calls are being sent asking people to donate money to victims who are ill or for illegal medicine. Warnings are being sent out so that misinformed residents do not fall for these tricks and stay safe during the spread of this virus. Until this global epidemic ends, the best anyone can do is follow the CDC guidelines on dealing with the infection and hope that everyone stays safe in these troubled times.