Open House- Parents Become Students for One Eventful Night


Andres Velasco

Biology teacher Eric Molina introduces parents to his classroom structure.

Maia Berthier, Staff Writer


Wednesday, Oct. 3 was the annual open house event for all parents and students. Parents had an opportunity to get to know all of their children’s teachers and the classroom environment that they are in every day. The parents visited each of the student’s classes, where the teachers gave a presentation regarding their curriculum and goals for their students this year and addressed any concerns the parents may have had.

“I think that [the parents] get to experience what their child experiences in transitioning from class to class, so they get a feel of what it is like to have five minutes in between to rush to each class. They become familiar with the school, meet the teachers and become familiar with the course content,” French teacher Madame Garcia said.

As the parents were switching classes, the Gablettes sold snacks and refreshments to raise money for the program; their lemonade was a big hit with many of the people who attended. The highlights members passed out their first issue of the year, and the Yearbook staff rushed around the halls, asking parents and students to pre-order their very own copy of the Yearbook.

Everyone who attended got to experience a day in the life of their Cavalier children. The hallways were filled with a flurry of frazzled parents reminiscing about their very own high school days. The teachers welcomed all of the parents with open arms, and chemistry teacher Ms. Kiely even offered a plate of cookies to them.

“It was a really frantic experience because we had to move east to west, north to south, and we were definitely very tired once it was all over,” parent Sylvain Mazloum said.

This year’s open house was a first for many parents, and it was a good experience for all those who attended. It is not every day that they have the chance to fill their children’s shoes, but when they do, things get interesting.