Earthquakes Bring Devastation to Japan and Ecuador


Anadolu Agency

Devastation came to Japan and Ecuador when they were both hit by earthquakes.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

Natural disaster reigned over Japan and Ecuador this past weekend when two earthquakes struck their cities and towns. On Saturday morning, April 16 Japan was hit by a magnitude-7.0 quake, its second earty quake this past week. Less than a day later (Saturday night), Equador was struck by an earthquake that reached a magnitude

After two earthquakes, spaced less than two days apart, Japan’s Kyushu region has been thrown into devastation. 32 deaths have since been reported, along with an estimate of 23 trapped underneath their homes. Japan’s infrastructure has also suffered detrimental damage with hundreds of homes crushed to rubbel, but before any rehabilitation can take place, the search for survivors must go on. For more information check out CNN.

It is really a tragedy, within such a short period of time hundreds of lives have been lost. Mother Nature doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to natural disasters like these. I hope they find survivors more survivors in he rubble,”

— sophomore Yanik Ariste

The most recent of the earthquakes, Ecuador’s, reached new heights of devastation with an average of 413 deaths and even more than 2,527 people injured. Worried survivors continue to search underneath the rubble as the fear of not finding their loved ones in time grows nearer and nearer. Countries, including the U.S., have offered their assistance in the recovery plan post-hurricane, but relief has come to Ecuador thus far. Check out BCC For more information.

As both Japan and Ecuador try to recover from this natural disaster, it becomes an international responsibility to assist them in their time of need.