Former Comedian Becomes President of Guatemala

Jimmy Morales recently won presidency of Guatemala.

Jimmy Morales recently won presidency of Guatemala.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

Many people would look back at a career in comedy and think that they’ve fulfilled their own potential. However, former comedian Jimmy Morales had a very different idea of what to do. He decided to run for President in Guatemala, and won. The comedian, with no experience in politics, beat the former first lady, Sandra Torres. Even though he does not know anything about ruling a country, he assures the public that he has some ideas to make the country better.

“I think that this is a very interesting situation. If Mr. Morales follows through with everything that he said he will, then I believe that this will change Guatemala definitely for the better,” freshman Grygoriy Vrooman said.

According to The Telegraph, Mr. Morales won presidency over Sandra Torres with 67% of the votes. Guatemala is known for government corruption and Morales will give money to public prosecutors to investigate this problem. During his campaign, he promised to hand out millions of mobile phones to children and to tag teachers with satellite tracking devices to make sure they go to their classes. He also made promises to fund nutrition programs, and to resupply hospitals that do not have any medicine. Despite his plans, some people disagree.

“To me, this seems like a desperate outcry of a country who wants change although that change might not be for the best,” freshman Framil Diaz said.

Aside from the controversy of a now inexperienced politician and comedian ruling the country, everyone hopes that President Morales has what it takes to tackle the responsibilities of his office.