A Successful CAF&DM Week


CavsConnect Photography Team

CAF&DM students gather for a quick picture amidst the chaos of field day.

Daniela Quijano, Editor

Two weeks ago, you may have walked into the new building halls and wondered what all the decorations and pictures on the wall were for. To answer your question, it was CAF&DM week! CAF&DM week is when all publications at Gables (CavsConnect, highlights, Yearbook, Catharsis and TV Production) coupled with the CAF&DM academy celebrate journalism. After concluding with a postponed field day filled with food, inflatables and fun, CAF&DM week was a success.

“Unlike the other publications that have releases once a week or once a month or even once a year, our director gets to school at 6:30 every morning and updates the script with news forwarded to his email from either our adviser or even myself, making our newscast the most current form of information our school offers,” senior Javier Cobas said.

Decorations covering the second floor of the new building highlighted the role that journalism has on our daily lives by bringing awareness to iconic headlines that changed the world we live in. Also, the right of the freedom of the press and freedom of speech was highlighted through petitions and interactive posters where students could voice their thoughts.

“[Students need to be aware of the importance of journalism] because journalism is the only thing that stands between people who lie and the truth they try to conceal. Journalists are the one’s who keep politicians honest, who keep corporations accountable in the public eye, who expose all those shady backroom deals you would have never heard about,” junior Stephan Chamberlin said.

In order to inspire those that don’t necessarily have a journalistic spirit in them, CAF&DM held a scavenger hunt throughout the week to encourage others to get to know more about the academy. Although postponed due to bad weather forecasts, a field day was held to celebrate the Gables journalistic spirit.

“The best part [about field day] is being able to come together with all the students from all the publications and the academy itself and have a fun time just hanging out and competing against each other,” junior Isabella Izquierdo said.

Gables offers numerous opportunities for those interested in all kinds of journalism. Catharsis’ creative writing, CavsConnect’s daily updates, Yearbook’s ability to record all of Gables’ memories, Highlights’ witty news stories and social commentaries and TV Production’s broadcasts make CAF&DM one of Gables’ greatest treasures.