It’s Cold Outside


James Burke

Traffic is heavily coated with snow.

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer

While most of Florida deals with putting on jackets for 50 and 60 degree weather, the northeast is dealing with blizzards and huge snow storms. For the past few days, the northeast has received heavy snowfall and gusty winds, causing some big problems and creating difficult weather conditions. The storms have impacted over half a dozen states and are expected to continue.

“I thinks it’s very unfortunate for the people in the northeast that these blizzard have hit them so hard. I feel sorry that I can’t help them, but I hope they are all doing okay,” senior Alec Chacon said.

The sunny skies in Coral Gables can't even relate to the blizzards in the northeast.
The sunny skies in Coral Gables can’t even relate to the blizzards in the northeast.


Although more snow storms are expected, many states have lifted their travel (public transportation) bans and are getting things back to normal. In order to ensure a state of emergency, many governors and mayors previously urged the public to be as safe as possible and to take these storms seriously. Thousands 0f flights were canceled in the affected areas and people were advised to stay inside while the storms raged outside.


“I feel sorry for all the people who got stuck in the airports and couldn’t go home. I also know that a lot of other people affect by the closed public transportation systems. I hope

Locals have had to trudge through all this snow in the freezing cold weather.
Locals have had to trudge through all this snow in the freezing weather.

the weather clears up so things can get back to normal for everyone there,” freshman Gianni Garcia said.

Most of the northeastern states received over half a foot of snow, with some receiving four times as much. Some winds speeds that were recorded broke minor hurricane wind speeds. Flooding also reached about four inches in some areas. Forecasters predicted that these blizzards and snowstorms were likely to break records and cause some serious damage to the regions they hit.

“I have heard that it has gotten pretty bad in the northeast. It’s caused a lot of problems,” junior Johnny Li said.

Snowplows have been needed to clean up all the snow.
Snowplows have been ordered to clean up all the snow.

The blizzards of 2015 have certainly had a big impact on the northeast. Although the blizzards weren’t as bad as they were expected to be, they have still created several inconveniences.