Color Run


Lane Morris

Two participants pose in front of the Color Run sign before the race.

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

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  • Two participants pose in front of the Color Run sign before the race.

  • The crowd pre-run.

  • Sophomore Andrea Juno takes a selfie with friends pre-run.

  • Freshman Kayla Ferra and friends Cecilia Cabrera and Gabryelle Garcia show off their color post 5k.

  • Freshman Kayla Ferra playing with the color packets.

  • At the end of the race sophomores Sofia Quevedo and Jocelin Mora throw up confetti in celebration.

  • Sophomores Jocelin Mora and Sofia Quevedo jump with joy.

  • Sophomores Jocelin Mora and Sofia Quevedo pose at the finish line.

  • Sophomore Andrea Junco embraces her colorful friends in a hug.

  • Sophomore Andrea Junco poses with friends.

On Nov. 23, 2o14, the Color Run-Kaleidoscope Tour was held at the Sun Life Stadium. The 5k race started at 9:00 a.m. and the runners received a white t-shirt, a bag and temporary tatoos.

“It was definitely worth getting up early for and believe it or not, I was smiling the whole time,” sophomore Jocelin Mora said.

“The Happiest 5k in the World” had volunteers at certain points along the course that threw different colored (pink, blue, yellow, and purple) powders. By the end of the race, runners are covered in those colors.

Sponsored by Shout, Kind Bars, Alcatel One touch and Global Citizen, the race was full of free giveaways. Near the starting line, there were aerobics, a DJ, and even some break dancers that got the participants “pumped” for the race.

“The giveaways were awesome! I was lucky and caught a Color Run hat,” sophomore Andrea Junco said.

From tutus to high socks, the runners waited for the race to start. As soon as the announcer counted down from 10, the runners raced to the color check points and were squirted with bright colors. When they crossed the finish line, they tore the bottom of their bib number and traded it in for goodies. The goodies included a powder colored packet for the after party. 

The after party entertainment consisted of music, dancing, and more giveaways. At the end, everyone opened their color packets and threw it up in the air, causing a cloud of color.

“The packets that we received at the end were a great unexpected bonus. We could throw them in the air and at our friends while on stage the DJ played some great music,” sophomore Sofia Quevedo said.

At the end, Shout provided a service with leaf blower and blew off the excess powder so the runners didn’t get their cars dirty. Don’t forget to sign up next November for the 2015 Color Run!