College Tour 2014: In-State


Maria Victoria

Cavaliers expressing their Gator pride!

Sofia Bratt , Staff Writer

On Nov. 10, 50 juniors stepped on the bus to tour several Florida universities. On this three-day visit to five prestigious campuses, the first stop was the University of Central Florida (UCF), where fellow Cavaliers went on tours led by Gables alumni. Students got the opportunity to take a look at the dorm and classroom life, as well as set foot on the universities’ very own basketball courts or football fields.

After visiting UCF, both in-state and out-of-state Cavaliers competed against each other in a bowling match, followed by a lunch buffet. On the second day, students got a tour of the University of Florida (UF) from Gables alumni. This tour was unlike others because there was a larger amount of tour guides, meaning groups were more intimate and allowed for a more direct connection with current UF students.

“The college tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Juniors face many hurdles on the path towards college acceptance, and I can’t imagine a better motivation than visiting one’s potential new home for the first time. Best of all, familiar faces (previous Gables grads) gave them a personalized tour of their respective colleges,” history teacher Mr. De Armas said.

Afterwards, both buses set off for Tallahassee to visit Florida State University (FSU), where the Cavaliers had the opportunity to eat in the University’s very own Student Union and get a taste of the “college life.” They were then given an extensive tour of Florida State’s circus and field. By the end of the tour, in-state and out-of-state students set off in different directions, in-state heading for Tampa and out-of-state driving to Atlanta, Georgia.

“After taking part in college tour, Florida State University was by far my favorite because it had a welcoming environment and a beautiful campus,” junior Cassandra Gill said.

On early Wednesday, in-state students set foot on the University of South Florida’s (USF) campus. Cavaliers got to experience a club fair, where they interacted with USF students, as well as visited certain classrooms. After lunch, students were eager to pay a visit to the stunning New College campus next to the crystal blue bay of Sarasota. Astonishing enough, the students found out that the school has no grading scale; they only grade you based on an evaluation and students aren’t even required to wear shoes on campus!

“New college was definitely unique, and I really enjoyed the fact that shoes and hygiene were optional,” junior Albert Garcia said.

To conclude this successful college tour, Cavaliers were exposed to a wide range of universities, which they will all be able to choose from in the upcoming year. Students also got honest opinions and experiences from well-rounded Gables alumni!