Polo Shirt Frenzy!


Daniela Quijano

Uniform Shirts will be given out in front of the New Building every Tuesday.

Daniela Quijano, Editor

Polo shirts are the most important piece of Gables uniform. To encourage students to wear collared shirts, seniors Teague Scanlon, Raquel Braun and Susana Rudin created a polo shirt drive.

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, the polo shirt drive was conducted with the help of Mr. Hernandez. Seniors were encouraged to donate their polo shirts for those who needed them. Their contributions generated a plethora of all size and color polo shirts awaiting distribution.

“Initially, we were going to donate the shirts to the PTSA (Parent Student Association), but we decided we wanted to make it easier for students to get them. With the help of Mr. Hernandez, we decided to give them away,” senior Teague Scanlon said.

Although it is difficult to point out the exact reason behind students’ failure to wear uniform shirts, having polo shirts available for free will perhaps motivate the student body to do so.

“As much as our school does try and help kids who can’t afford the necessary things for everyday, it can be really hard and embarrasing to ask an adult for help. So by creating a program where anyone can grab a shirt it just makes it so much easier; people perhaps don’t wear uniform such as comfort or just the hassle of going to buy school appropriate clothing,” senior Raquel Braun said.

Anybody that needs a polo shirt will be able to pass by the new building every Tuesday starting on Sept. 23 during lunchtime. The polo shirts are in great condition, and they are free! Now, there is certainly no excuse to attend school with no uniform.