Perfect Scores

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

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On December 18, freshmen and sophomores were recognized for achieving a perfect score either on the FCAT 2.0 or EOC. These are tests that the students spend the whole year preparing for, and although surely everyone tried their best, these students were acknowledged for achieving a perfect score.

As for preparing for these tests, most of them had one thing in common – studying; almost no one mentioned that they didn’t have to study or review at all.

“I got a perfect score on the Geometry EOC at Carver, and to be honest I didn’t particularly prepare for it that much, I just made sure to study and know everything important, such as formulas, but I didn’t stress too much about it,” freshman Henry Santer said. 

Many of the students were actually surprised to find out they got a perfect score. Although many expected to do relatively well because they had studied their hearts out, they just wanted to get the highest score possible.

“I’m really surprised I got a perfect score, because I’m not usually at the top of the class, but it boosted my confidence. I was also proud to get the award, and it will most definitely motivate me to keep doing better,” freshman Laura Stieghorst said.

All in all, these marvelous students worked hard for their perfect scores. Their recognition was well deserved. Because of their accomplishments, they were given an award, although for them the honor of getting a perfect score would’ve been enough.

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