Contestants Out For The Posse

In a yearly completion, the Posse foundation scouts the country for talented young leaders, and this year, CGHS was lucky enough to have three different finalists: Maura Torres, Danae Diaz, and Melissa Perez. For over 20 years, the colleges and universities that are partners of the Posse scholarship have welcomed students who show commitment and strive towards excellence.  The three young ladies listed above are in the running for a full scholarship to the partner colleges of their choice.

Founded in 1989, the Posse foundation looks for students who show potential as leaders and as academic scholars. Oftentimes, many of these students are overlooked in the traditional college selection processes that almost always quantifies students and ignores the traits that makes each individual special. This selective, time consuming process that Posse entails, however, boasts a 90% graduation rate. This year, hundreds of applicants were selected, but only a selected few will actually receive the Posse scholarship.

Finalist Danae Diaz said, “I feel excited and honored to have been recognized, and to have made it this far. I think, maybe, that I’m well rounded, both in my academics and extracurriculars. I put my all into everything I do. I feel confident, but nervous. I feel like if I just keep being myself it’ll be meant to be.”

To be a contestant for the Posse scholarship, a student must first be nominated by two of his or her teachers who believe that student shows strong academic effort and involvement in extracurricular activities. Mrs. Suarez, head of student activities at CGSH, explains the process, saying, “It starts with a posse simulation, and we have the students who made it to at least the finalist run simulation for the incoming juniors to pick them for next year. Together, we watch as a group, and we select the best. Then Mrs. Stack and I conduct a one on one interview with the students, and we narrow it down into the top fifteen selected students. At that point, the process is taken out of our hands as a school and is placed in Posse’s hands. Posse then begins communicating with the students, and they go through three rounds: the preliminary, the semifinalist round, and the finalist round. At this point, a dean of some kind comes down for the finalist round and has a round table setting with the 40 finalists from the schools, and it is narrowed down into the winners.“

Posse is not looking to accept just any student. They aim to have an in-depth study of every candidate in order to find the brightest students who will become the leaders of the future. Posse opens a door of opportunities that might have otherwise not have been possible.

Contestant Maura Torres said,”College is hard. I like Posse because they are focused on helping people, not just yourself but everyone around you. They have a giant support system, and it would make life easier having it on the way. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to experiencing the diversity of America and encountering different cultures.”

The final round of Posse is in December, and we wish our Gables finalists and the others the best of luck.