Prom Form Is Live!

Are you interested in attending this year’s prom celebration? The prom will take place on April 23 at 8PM. Outside guests will be permitted, upon their approval from administration via the Prom Guest Form also provided on Teams. The deadline for both forms is Wednesday, February 16 at 2:20PM.

To be considered eligible to attend, you can not exceed the 10/20 rule (no more than 10 absence and 20 tardies) and you can not have any indoor/outdoor suspensions.

By submitting the prom form on teams, you are acknowledging that you will pay the $90 fee to attend the prom. There will be no refunds. Payment will be made available via OSP from March 12 until March 17.

Note: Completing the guest form does not mean that your guest is guaranteed approval.

Check teams for more information.