Eternally Grateful for a New Marvel Era

Our Rating: A+

Entering another phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Eternals” has brought about a different type of Marvel film we never expected. From many scenes having almost no CGI to characters’ exploring more emotional depth, the film, in most cases, did not feel like a regular add-on to the Marvel franchise. Now, for some, this was not appealing. However, “Eternals” kept viewers on their feet at all times and offered a glimpse into a brand new set of characters.

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The film has a complex plot, especially for those who have never picked up a Marvel comic book. The main protagonists (yes, there is more than one) are all members of a group called “Eternals,” who were immortals sent to earth to protect people from the Deviants: primates with ever-changing DNA mutations that possess superhuman abilities and wreak havoc on communities. Both the Eternals and the Deviants were created by the Celestials, bionic beings who control everything. The Prime Celestial, Arishem, is the one that communicate with the main Eternal Ajak. The Eternals toy with human civilization and continue on the creation of more universes by using others as a sacrifice.

For centuries, the Eternals have been instructed not to interfere in any form of conflict the earth faces: whether it was human wars or Thanos’ decision to remove half of humanity by the snap of a finger. Only does this precedent change when they learn the truth. Each character handled it differently, of course, all while their powers were put to the test. Sersi, the kind one who grew affectionate towards humans, has the ability to change things into different types of matter. Ikaris can shoot lazer beams out of his eyes and can fly. Ajak can heal wounds while Druig can alter one’s thoughts. Makkari has superspeed that enables her to run around the earth like nothing. Thena, Gilgamesh and Kingo are all superior fighters who are always ready.

“The characters made the movie worth watching. It was unique compared to other Marvel movies and I really enjoyed that aspect,” senior Isabella Guerrero said.

Compared to “Captain America” or “Iron Man”, viewers were in a whole new arena of Marvel. What was a happier version of David Fincher film mixed with a little bit of Paul Thomas Anderson, “The Eternals” had beautiful avant-garde aspects, but maintained the subtle hints of comedic relief always found in the Marvel formula.

Taking us back to ancient times like Babylon and Mesopatamia, the sets and costumes were an essential component from the start for director Chloé Zhao who recently took home the 2020 Oscar for Best Director. The costumes were clean and elegant as if off the runway. Oftentimes, Marvel is known for its intense action scenes, not its cinematography. However, Zhao made this one of her sole goals to strive for. Through telling a story with visuals of ancient lands and the galaxy, “The Eternals” was an exciting film to watch.

“I loved how there were some parts of the film that reminded me of Marvel, but there were so many parts that were entirely brand new,” senior Marta Rodriguez said.

Viewers are concerned as to whether or not this particular film was a lone-wolf or if Marvel will be veering in its stylistic direction. Despite mixed reviews, it was a bold leap for the cinematic universe. Ultimately, “Eternals” did not disappoint.