Calling all Lovatics! Demi’s Neon lights tour is almost here!


Kelsy Pacheco

Most of the songs that Demi Lovato will be performing will come from her albums

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

Flashing colorful lights, screeching fans, and a night you’ll never forget.These are some of the few things you can expect in Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour. Named after her 3rd single from her album Demi,  there are many things you can expect from this year’s tour.

The tour was announced September 29, 2013, along with the tours dates and guest appearances. Not only will Demi have one special appearance, but three! She is set to go on tour with Cher Lloyd, girl group known as Fifth Harmony and Little Mix as the opening acts. Each special appearance is set to perform on separate dates throughout the tour. The tour has been divined into three sections and each special appearance group was given one set of dates.

“Since this year’s tour is supposed to be ‘bigger’ than all of the other tours Demi has done, I can’t wait for it to come to Miami! I honestly don’t know what to expect in her show,” freshman Judith Ramos said.

The opening acts will be going on the tour on different dates. The dates that each act will be opening are listed below.

  • Fifth Harmony: February 9th – March 30th
  • Little Mix- February 9th – March 18th
  • Cher Lloyd: March 20th – March 30th

On the neon lights tour you can expect a show like no other. unlike other tours in the past that were all about the music, this tour is about the performance and the theme of girl empowerment. Not only can you expect an amazing show, but also a party that everyone will enjoy.

“I’ve had my tickets ever since they first went on sale. I can’t wait for the actual show to come. To me its surreal that I get to see Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, and Demi all on the same stage!” said freshman Alitza Martell.

Another thing that makes this tour different from her others is that Nick Jonas is the musical and creative director of the show. Lovato has been working closely with him trying to figure out wardrobe, designs, music, and many other things. The two friends have been talking about how they can make the show “spectacular” and “like nothing else.”

The Neon Lights Tour will be coming to Sunrise, FL February 25 and to Tampa, FL February 26. Lovato’s one goal is to blow everyone’s mind. This tour will not only be flaburgasting, but also represents the kind of singer Lovato has transformed into over the years. Lovato has been tweeting many teasers about the tour such as her new hair color, videos, and some things you can expect in the tour!