Boys’ and Girls’ Water Polo Take on Districts!

A Cavalier Water Polo player aims for his target while lunging out of the water in a Districts meet against Belen.

Jefrany D'catry and Miguel Lemus

April 11, 2019

Throughout the entire season, the Cavalier Water Polo team has performed incredibly well, and all the team members have been very dedicated to their sport. Consumed by a vigorous practice schedule, they have spent several weeks, Monday through Friday, practicing for meets and improving their overall...

Coral Gables vs Krop Waterpolo

Coral Gables vs Krop Waterpolo

Andres Velasco, Photographer

February 27, 2018

Born for the Waters

Holden Payne, a freshman with 3 more years full of marvelous ideas awaiting for him.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

January 5, 2014

Freshman Holden Payne is a 14 year old with a jam-packed four years of high school in his future. His life as the freshman class president, a student activities member, an excelling student in academics, and a person with an extreme passion for sailing is quite intriguing. Born and raised here in Miami, Payne has alwa...

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