PDA: Keep it Indoors!

Couples love to show their affection in public. However, how much affection is too much affection?

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

May 10, 2016

As you walk down the halls at school, chances are you will see a couple passionately kissing or hugging each other. These actions are called public displays of affection (PDA) and they are not as ‘cute’ as these couples may think. The truth is, that most people do not want to see two strangers...

What Does Your Data Mean To You?

Though personal accounts are password protected with services such as Gmail and Outlook, they are still easily accessible to national security agencies that are interested.

Henry Santer, Copy Editor

February 15, 2015

The internet is incredible. It takes just seconds to be connected to your bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts - everything. Almost all of the information that defines us is accessible online. And it is getting harder and harder to keep it safe. Around the globe, governments are looking...

The Right to Privacy or the Right to Safety?

Social media platforms are places where people can showcase their best moments--but it is becoming increasingly apparent that their worst moments can come to light in breaches of privacy that are occurring more frequently.

Aliyah Symes, Staff Writer

September 19, 2014

Within the first two weeks of Mr. Nelson's IB Psychology class, students learn about experiments and ethical guidelines. One such guideline is the right to confidentiality. Psychologists understand the importance of the opinions of people who don't want their information released to the world. But...

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