Super Bowl LI: One to Remember


St. Louis Post

Tom Brady holds the Lombardy trophy after a 25 point comeback. This is his fifth Super Bowl win.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

A journey that started over 20 weeks ago came to an end on Sunday Feb. 5 when the Patriots bested the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Arguably one of the best Super Bowls in NFL history, Tom Brady was able to lead his team to their fifth championship while winning his fourth Super Bowl MVP, solidifying his position as the greatest quarterback of all-time. The Falcons blew a significant lead after half-time and allowed the Patriots to win 34-28. The game set several records and will most likely go down as the greatest Super Bowl of all-time.

“I was working for half of the game and when I got home the Patriots were down 25 points. I still believed in Tom Brady and I felt like we were going to come back. That was the most amazing game I’ve ever seen,” sophomore Bryan Areas said.

Coming into the game, the Patriots were 3-point favorites, but the first half did not show the predicted outcome. With a scoreless first quarter, it seemed as if it was going to be a close game. Both teams went back and forth a couple times but none of them put any points on the board. However, when the second quarter started, things started to go wrong for the Patriots. A fumble from running back LeGarrette Blount ended in a Falcons’ touchdown. On the next drive, the Patriots did not answer and, as a result, Matt Ryan led the team to a second touchdown to make the score 14-0. The Patriots seemed to be mounting a much needed touchdown drive, but it was stopped in its tracks when Tom Brady threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. With the score at 21-0, the Pats were in desperate need for points. Luckily, they were able to get a field goal before the half to shorten the gap. When the half was over, many deemed the game as over, as the Falcons led 21 to a mere 3, and were ready to turn off the TV. However, the Patriots still had a slim chance of bringing this back but they would have to play the best second half of their history.

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I’m not much of a football fan, but I really enjoyed watching the game. I wasn’t going for any team, but that comeback [by the Patriots] was really something else.”

— sophomore Framil Diaz

The Falcons would get the ball first, which meant the Patriots’ defense had to make some plays. Unfortunately, they didn’t get stops and Matt Ryan orchestrated another touchdown drive that would increase the deficit to 25 points. However, at this point Tom Brady had had enough and was ready to turn on that switch that turns him into the greatest quarterback of all-time. After that, the Patriots scored 31 unanswered points. The first points came on a touchdown pass to James White and, because the extra point was missed, the score was 28-9. The next time the Patriots had the ball in the red zone, the Falcons held them to a field goal, meaning that with a 16-point deficit the Patriots needed 2 touchdowns and 2-point conversions. The next Falcon drive, linebacker D’onta Hightower forced a fumble that was recovered by the Patriots. The Patriots went on to score 8 points but the Falcons then had a chance to end the game. Matt Ryan got into field goal range, but the defense, with a few huge plays, pushed him out of it and the Falcons were forced to punt. The most important drive of Tom Brady’s career would involve a crazy catch by Edelman and end in a successful 2-point conversion that tied up the game. In the first overtime in Super Bowl history, Brady did not even give Ryan a chance by scoring in the first drive and earning his fifth Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl 51 was the stage for one of the greatest comebacks of all time by the greatest quarterback of all time. The Falcons held a sizable lead but eventually ended up blowing it. However, it is not over for them as they still have one of the best offenses of the league and their defense showed on Sunday that they are capable of stopping even Tom Brady, for two and a half quarters. The Patriots are now tied at second for most Super Bowl wins all time and they do not seem to be backing down any time soon. Many have them as next year’s Super Bowl champions. However, they still have to work hard and be ready for rising threats in the AFC, such as the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos.