Set Sail with Coral Gables High!


Junior Sofia Bratt and Junior Gracie Howie both competing in a summer event

Sofia Bratt, Staff writer

Have you ever had the opportunity to go sailing on crystal blue Biscayne Bay?

If you haven’t, now you have the chance! For the past year, IB senior Rachel Ellis and IB junior Sofia Bratt have been attempting to create a Coral Gables Sailing Club with 5 other students because they each have a passion for the sport that they’d love to share with their fellow Cavaliers. Unfortunately, the club is not affiliated with the school due to liability issues. Luckily, they’ve had the opportunity to practice weekly at a Ransom Everglades facility with their outgoing sailing team. So far, Coral Gables Sailing Club has competed in four regattas in the past year and has been outstandingly placed in the top ten in every one. This year, they are planning to travel all over Florida to achieve their goal of qualifying for districts as well as to grow the team.

Ellis and Bratt are trying to organize a “clinic” every quarter to provide an opportunity to all Cavaliers to go sailing for a day. If more students begin to show interest in this up and coming sport, it will help the club become officially part of Coral Gables High, making it the first ever sailing club in Miami-Dade County!

“Initially, I was frustrated with the lack of public school involvement with the ISSA (Interscholastic Sailing Association) and wanted to introduce the sport to students at our school” says senior Rachel Ellis.

If any student has had any sailing experience and is interested in joining, please pass by CavsConnect or Highlights to get information – the Coral Gables Sailing Club always welcomes new members to set sail with.