Run, Prancer, Run!


Annie Farrell

Kady Boylan, “Prancer,” is a sophomore IB student with an immense passion for running.

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer

Kady Boylan, also known to her teammates as “Prancer,” is a sophomore IB student and comes across at first glance as a girl brimming with devotion and passion to running. She started running track for the first time last year at Gables, but has been running cross country since sixth grade at G.W. Carver Middle School. This is no surprise, considering Boylan’s mother was a big runner in college, and is one still to this day. Along with her mother, Boylan’s younger brother and older sister are also runners.

“I like running for the cliché reasons of being able to de-stress. Also because my mom is a big runner so I feel like it’s a part of the family,” Boylan said.

Boylan says that the idea of being a part of a whole team and staying in shape was what sparked her overwhelming interest in track and cross country.

“Just the good, healthy feeling I get after every practice and race. Staying in shape is so important!” Boylan said.

Last year, Kady competed in the 4x800m relay, the mile run and the two mile run. She is not positive about her PR’s (Personal Records) in these events, but her cross country PR for a 5k is a speedy 22:22!

“[I prefer] cross country. I have more of a passion for running over different terrain rather than a track. Plus, I have a stronger bond with the cross country team,” Boylan said.

Next time you see Boylan zooming to class in the hallway, pay attention to her form. Her teammates have devised a very unique nickname for her because of it.

“My team calls me Prancer because I have a long stride. I run like a deer,” she said.

“Prancer” can be spotted practicing vigorously everyday on the track with the rest of the Gables team. She plans on improving her pace at every practice to earn a better time in the long run.

“[This year] I hope to PR and have our team make it to states!” Boylan said.

Boylan said that her greatest accomplishment as a runner has been being able to build up her endurance and get rid of all the anxieties she had about running in middle school. One person – her “biggest fan” – has been able to help her achieve these feats: her father. According to Boylan, her dad always encourages her to do better.

Even with all this encouragement, Boylan still gets nervous from time to time, just like all great athletes.

“[I get] extremely [nervous]! I always feel so sick and have a habit of thinking negatively, but it goes away when the race starts. But fear is good. It means adrenaline,” she says.

Before races, Boylan likes to make sure that she fuels up with healthy food. The night before a race she eats pasta to make certain she gains her needed carbohydrates for energy. Prior to competing, she usually eats bananas or granola bars.

“It’s definitely a pre-race tradition,” she said.

Miami is known for tough track competition. At the state meet, you can be sure to see a series of teams from our city positioned on the starting line. Gables runners, including Boylan, are cautiously aware of this competition. They know they must work hard to compete with these teams.

“We have a lot of really good competition this year and it is DEFINITELY gonna be a challenge, but we got this!” Boylan says.

As you can see, Boylan is a force to be reckoned with. So don’t count her out, or she will quickly pass you by!