Tomas Nieves Swings His Way to Success!


Thomas Nieves competing during a golf match.

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

Gables is filled with tremendous athletes that are committed, hardworking and easygoing. In order for the athletic Cavaliers to reach for perfection, they must practice endlessly. Not only do they have to focus on their sport – they must also maintain their academics to a certain grade point average (GPA) in order to remain a member of the team. The Coral Gables Golf Team has worked extremely hard to reach their goals for these past few years. A perfect examples of the dedication put into the sport is team member Tomas Nieves, who has been training to become the best since the day he could walk on his own.

The dedicated Coral Gables IB junior Tomas Nieves, has been playing golf since he was 4 years old, but has been playing competitively the day he turned 6. This hardworking athlete trains weekly with the Coral Gables Golf Team, and as well as on his own.

The athlete first began the tough sport due to the infulence of his father, since he began playing golf at the same age as him. Even though the sport is pretty easy for Nieves now, that was not always the case. Nieves’ dad had a hard time teaching him because he had trouble learning the sport but, eventually got the hang of it.

“I consider the Biltmore Golf Course my second home, because I’m there so many hours during the week,” Nieves said.

During the times the golf team doesn’t have matches, they go to the Biltmore Golf Course to practice their putting, chipping, and additionally go play some holes in the exquisite scenery. His main strenghth, is the “iron game” which are the last shots to make it on the green.While practicing he likes to focus on his putting since its the one of the most important parts during the match, and is one of his biggest flaws; it also helps him zone out and relax.

Nieves’s most memorable moment during his years of golfing is qualifying for the Junior Orange Bowl this summer. While competing in this intense match, he said it was one of the most nervewrecking situations he’s ever been in. Luckily, by the end it taught him many new skills, and ended up being a successful match by placing 1st out of the 35 other players.

Once Nieves graduates, he plans to continue playing golf for one of his two dream colleges – Fordham University or Oregon University – and aims to get a scholarship. Nieves looks up to PGA (Professional Golf Association) player Adam Scott, because he never gives up and always has a smile on his face,  just like him.