West Palm Beach isn’t Far Enough


Brad Praisley performs at the Cruzan Amphitheater along with Scotty Mccreery and The Band Perry.

Brad Paisley, at the very beginning of his tour, made a stop at West Palm Beach on Saturday the 29th. Hundreds of fans kicked up their boots and gathered at the Cruzan Amphitheatre wearing countryside attire. From his patriotic graphics to his guitar solos, he is seen as one of country music’s best performers.

For Paisley’s opening act he had two well known country icons, The Band Perry and American Idol’s very own Scotty Mccreery.

Once security allowed the gates to be opened and the tickets to be checked, fans ran near the Amphitheatre where there was a booth set up selling shirts according to its respective artist.

There was no doubt that they were going to put on a great show. From the moment Scotty began singing and serenading the crowd, to the final moment that Paisley signed his guitar and handed it off to a girl seated in the front, the crowd was wild.

Ticket prices varied from $35 to $80 and with no open seats left everyone put their hands up and allowed the Country music to become a part of them, the crowd became one with it.

I genuinely loved the way all three spoke and interacted with the crowd, it allowed the people to feel as if they were connected to the artists and it was all the more reason why the long drive to West Palm Beach was so worthwhile. I highly recommend attending one of their concerts because once you experience the country feeling and one of Paisley’s heart stopping performances you’ll never want it to end.

I originally made my way to West Palm Beach to finally see Scotty in concert after sweeping me off my feet at his American Idol auditions, but while my sister was caught up in The Band Perry, I left becoming a big fan of Brad Paisley.

They are a definite must see whenever they come back to Florida!