2022’s Must-Watch Films


Danny Cen

Though 2021 brought a year of fantastic cinema, this year is shaping up to be a strong year for film.

Danny Cen, Staff Writer

With an outstanding lineup, 2022 is shaping itself to be a good year for cinema. From “Scream” to “Batman”, 2022 has a variety of films from different genres that can entice fans from around the world. This year is set to have a plethora of multi-million dollar budget movies, star cast members and phenomenal directors.

To kick off the year, the return of the popular American slasher film “Scream” is coming to theaters after almost 12 years. Releasing on Jan. 14, a new Ghostface begins targeting a group of teenagers in hopes of resurrecting the secrets from the quiet town of Woodsboro, California. Sidney Prescott, the main protagonist, must come back to uncover the truth of this new killer. Everyone’s a suspect but not everyone can be the killer. Make sure you catch this long awaited return to the popular “Scream” franchise.

“Marry Me”
In a modern society where social media reigns over the world and broadcasts love across the digital world, celebrities Kat Valdez and Bastian combined make up one of the hottests celebrity couples. With their hit single “Marry Me,” their love for each other becomes clear leading to their internationally live-streamed wedding. However, moments before the wedding Kat encounters a video of Bastian cheating on her. Devastated and filled with sadness after being humiliated, Kat takes a leap of faith with one of the audience members, Charlie Gilbert, whose sign read “marry me.” The unlikely romance between a celebrity and a highschool math teacher as they search for something real in a world surrounded by social media releases in theaters on Feb. 11. This romance film is perfect for the avid watchers of the romance genre.

“Death on the Nile”

Based on the 1937 novel, “The Death on the Nile” is an upcoming myster thriller and a follow-up to “The Murder on the Orient Express”. Hercule Poirot’s relaxing and glamorous trip to Egypt soon turns into a murder mystery. On the cruise, a honeymoon was set in place with a wonderful couple, however it was cut short with the breaking news of a murder. The landscape features the vast deserts and the majestic Giza pyramids, which adds to this love story gone wrong filled with wicked turns. With famous actors and actresses like Kenneth Branagh from “The Murder on the Orient Express” and Gal Gadot, who is famous for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, this mystery film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Being a fan of the Scream franchise, I am absolutely excited for the upcoming sequel. Can’t wait to see Sidney Prescott back on the big screens,”

— senior Darian Cusco

“The Batman”

Gotham City is under attack again and the masked vigilante must work towards keeping the city safe. Once again, a dangerous game was concocted by the Riddler and he wants Batman and Commissioner Gordon to play. This new portrayal of the dark knight by Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight, is of a young Bruce Wayne only in his second year of crime fighting. The age of corruption for Gotham is high, so it is up to Batman to keep crime under control. DC fans are finally getting another installment to “Batman” on Mar. 4, which was previously played by the incredible Christian Bale.

“Having grown up with this classic vigilante, I found something to look forward to in the new year as we wait for more DC content,” senior Rodrigo Rosado said.

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Following up on the latest Disney Plus series, Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff will have to face a familiar foe: an evil Doctor Strange. Fans are speculating this movie to have cameos from popular faces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics. The cinematography of this film appears to be some of Marvel’s most creative and complex to date. Another world threatening plan is hitting the big screens, with this film’s release on May 6.

As the year is just beginning, it already is shaping up to be a great year for film. Superhero, romance and mystery fans alike can expect to see movies to their liking.