Healthy and Delicious: Carrot Express


Sofia Cruz

The “Liv Wrap” and “Blue Beauty” smoothie at Carrot Express provide a delicious and nutritious meal for customers.

Sofia Cruz, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

Located on 259 Miracle Mile between Well Groomed and The Original Irish Pub, Carrot Express has become the hottest new go-to location for those who enjoy healthy meals. This eatery is meant to provide nutritional and delicious meals in a casual setting where all are welcome, combining clean eating with amazing taste.

“I have heard of Carrot Express. I would like to go because it sounds healthy and good for your body,” sophomore Joseph Riquenes said.

Carrot Express started in 1933 in hopes of bringing natural, high-quality ingredients to the community and it has clearly been upholding this standard as displayed by its 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews. As is displayed on its menu, their wide variety of dishes provide something for everyone, without customers having to experience the guilt that fast food might provide. The servers are focused on producing plant-based dishes that are low in fat but high in substances that are vital for maintaining good health. The plates have many unique ingredients, but even a picky eater would enjoy dining at this restaurant.

“Eating healthy is one of the main important things in my diet and I feel like it should be everyone’s most important thing when it comes to their diet, so I’d probably give it a visit,” freshman Joana Ribiro said.

This chain offers a wide range of sides. There are six different types of salads, their newest being the “Asian Crunch, which has vegetables mixed with noodles, roasted cashews and a miso ginger vinaigrette to add a flavorful twist. The restaurant offers more classic options such as Greek and Caesar salads as well. There are also stuffed sweet potatoes, lentil and kale soup, plantains, tostones and a cheese and tomato spinach pie melt.

This establishment also provides nourishing add-ons to their orders in case customers want to include some extra protein. The vegetable-based additions are mushrooms, tofu, falafel and hummus. On the other hand, the poultry and meat add-ons would be chicken and turkey, while the oceanic extras incorporate tuna, salmon and mahi-mahi into a dish.

Carrot Express also boasts a broad spectrum of fitness-friendly platters. There are many chicken and fish dish options, usually baked or grilled. The Pesto Salmon is another novel meal of Scottish salmon cooked and served with pesto, avocado and pico de gallo. Most of these are plated with a portion of cilantro brown rice, the healthy alternative to the usual nutrient stripped, bleached white rice. There are also vegetarian burgers, such as “The Incredible Burger,” which is described as being made up of a plant-based patty with arugula, red onions, tomato, avocado and alfalfa. Another entree customers could purchase would be one of their wraps, which can be created from scratch by the customer, or ordered as one of the regular items. The “Liv Wrap” with grilled chicken breast, avocado, quinoa, kale, jack cheese and pesto proved to be especially delicious. When served, the chicken and multi-grain bread were warm and flavorful. The kale provided a spectacular crunchy sensation and the avocado was smooth and creamy. This dish held up to expectations regarding freshness and taste.

Despite the name, not everything sold in Carrot Express is a vegetable meal. The restaurant also has juices, power shots and acai bowls made with organic Brazilian acai, an assortment of fruits such as mango, banana, berries, along with almond milk and a mixture of seeds. The “Blue Beauty” smoothie is a blend of blueberries, strawberries, fresh orange juice, banana, honey and ice. It is a burst of powerful flavor on the taste buds and a perfect pairing with a meal, or a refreshing drink on its own as well. The blueberry and banana flavor really come through and the customers might be finished before they even realize it. There are also a few treats on the dessert menu, like the carrot cake, almond and chocolate cake, and banana and chocolate cake.

When walking in, diners order their food and are seated. It takes around 10 minutes before the meal is brought by a server, so there is little wait time. The ambiance is very inviting and relaxed, with upbeat music playing in the background. The bright orange decor makes this location hard to miss, and its interior design is very cute and aesthetically pleasing. The tables and floors are immaculately clean which adds to the positive experience. The restaurant also has online ordering and delivery. The only thing that would prevent this location form receiving an A+ is the fact that the prices are a bit costly. A meal and smoothie for one person totaled to over $20. Although this is understandable when considering the quality and healthiness of ingredients, this reduces its appeal for those looking for something cheap. Overall, however, Carrot Express is a great place to go out with friends or family and is recommended to Cavaliers that want an adventure when they eat.

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  • View of Carrot Express, its logo, and outside seating so students can identify it if they happen to pass by.

  • The storefront displays its mottos on glass windows to express its goals of promoting healthy eating habits.

  • This half of the menu features smoothies, salads, acai bowls, juices, health shots, sides, and wraps.

  • This half of the menu details the main platters, bowls, vegetarian burgers, and desserts.

  • To order, customers walk up to the counter, take a number and choose a spot to sit. The interior is decorated according to the theme of healthy living.

  • Carrot Express offers kombucha and health shots to customers in a mini-fridge where the options are displayed.

  • Carrot Express offers deals on its delivery and online orders for those looking to save some money.

  • If one gets full, it is very easy and convenient to take the rest of the meal to go as a snack for later.

  • The “Blue Beauty” smoothie and “Liv Wrap” look as good as they taste.

  • The main interior wall is decorated with inspirational quotes about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.