BurgerFi: Burgerfication of the Nation


Adriana Castro

Vegefi burgers and fries from BurgerFi.

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A+

Located in the heart of Miracle Mile, BurgerFi offers numerous options for burger lovers. At first glance, the modern looking building does not offer much excitement. However, as soon as one walks in, they are greeted by a change in ambiance. The tables and walls are wooden, giving the restaurant a modern rustic feel. There is constantly pop music playing, creating a cheerful environment for customers to enjoy their delicious burgers.

BurgerFi first opened in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida and quickly expanded as it gained popularity. It now has more than one hundred locations across the United States and has become the go-to burger place for many. The restaurant is part of the “Never-Ever” program which ensures their beef is free-range, humanely-treated and raised on vegetarian diets. It is guaranteed that the beef is never exposed to steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or additives.

And while their classic burgers are delicious, BurgerFi is also well-known for their vegan and vegetarian burger options, being one of few restaurants that has truly mastered the “veggie burger.” The Vegefi and Beyond burgers are the options if you are vegan or vegetarian, but they are definitely worth trying even if you do eat meat. For everyone else, there is an astounding selection of burgers including their famous BurgerFi burger, The CEO and the Conflicted burger.

“I am not vegan or vegetarian but any time I go to BurgerFi I always get the mouth-watering Vegefi burger with fries and a milkshake,” freshman Nataly Leiva said.

Apart from their notable burger options, they also offer a variety of hot dogs, fries, rings, shakes and custards. The shakes they offer cannot go without recognition; they are delicacies that come out perfect every time! From the first sip, one experiences an explosion of deliciously rich flavor and silky smooth texture that leaves one unable to resist taking another sip until it is finished.

“The Oreo milkshake is without-a-doubt my favorite thing on their menu. The burgers and the fries are great but nothing can really top a good BurgerFi milkshake,” senior Robert Kirk said.

It is undeniable that BurgerFi is a top quality burger restaurant that, despite the affordable price, maintains a richness of flavor in every item they produce. It is the perfect place to stop for lunch with friends and then take a stroll around Miracle Mile. It offers a variety of menu options for everyone and has great service. The design of the restaurant brings it all together by taking us Spongebob lovers back to our childhood memories of the Krusty Krab. Do not miss out on this gem sitting right at the heart of Miami!

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