Take a run with CamelBak’s Backpack Bottle.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

CamelBak, one of the go-to companies for water bottles, provides arguably one of the most convenient and compact choices to quench your thirst in the most practical way. The prices and sizes of CamelBak’s most popular bottle style vary anywhere from $24 to $225.

The Backpack Water Bottle, probably the most well-recognized product line of the company, is the clever blend of a compact backpack with a built-in water pouch. It features a small, handy tube allowing you to have constant access to your water, features the ability to drink water hands-free, and offers different designs for anyone, no matter their age or gender. As mentioned before, there are many different sizes and types of bottles, the most expensive being the largest and most durable, while the most inexpensive being a small plastic bottle with a holder. The company also offers insulated, metal and filtered water bottles that are useful for any physical activity.

I think that CamelBak makes some of the best water bottles that you can get, whether you are doing hardcore exercise or just a casual jog. I have my own and personally I love it.

— freshman Savannah Payne

With such a detailed market of water bottles to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find the bottle that suits you, even if prices like $24 for a 10 ounce water bottle can be unreasonable.