Make Someone’s Day

Just talking with your friend can make their day.

Cavan Wilson

Just talking with your friend can make their day.

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer

We all know what a great feeling it is when someone lifts us up out of the dumps. Well, it feels just as good to cheer someone up and brighten up their day. In case you have any trouble doing this, CavsConnect has concocted some tips to help you achieve the title of “Good Samaritan.”

Chit Chat: One of the best ways to cheer someone up is by talking to him or her. Having a nice conversation is always a good idea when trying to cheer someone up. Make sure to ask questions about fun things they might have done recently, or what they are doing in the near future. If you know of something you both like, try talking about that. Having a simple, fun conversation has the power to lift someone’s spirits immensely!

“I like to compliment somebody to help make their day, or share some food with them, like chocolate, if they seem hungry. I love doing this because nothing is more valuable then making someone’s day,” junior Abraham Elmir said.

INCLUDE, Don’t Exclude: Another great way to cheer someone up is to include them in what you’re doing. If you spot a student sitting alone at lunch, invite him or her over to sit with your friends and include them in what you guys are doing. If you and your friends are playing a game and you see a kid watching from the sidelines, ask them to join you and get them involved. You may even make a new friend.

Let’s Get Together: Also, if you’re friend seems like they are having a bad day, try to get them to do something they find fun with you. Maybe invite them over and beat the newest video game together, or, if they’re more active, take them to the park to shoot some hoops or pass around the old pigskin. Getting someone caught up in something they really enjoy is always a great way to take their mind off of all the bad things going on and to help them focus on the good things in life; like what a great friend they have.

There, There: Sometimes the best thing you can do is just comfort a friend. If you ask them what’s wrong, then you can help them get to where they need to be to feel better. For example, if they got a bad grade on a test, you should remind them that there is another quiz in two weeks that they can use to boost their grade back up. Try to remind them that the bad times will fade, and they just need to focus on the positive  in the meantime.

“If one of my friends seems down I try to spend time with them so that I can figure out what’s wrong and find a way to help them out from there,” freshman Vinnie Mash said.

You know how great it feels when someone does or says something that makes your day. Just imagine how great you will feel when you do the same thing for someone else. Make sure you remember these tips the next time you spot a friend unhappy or in need.