9 Crazy Uses for Coca-Cola

Pour some Coca-Cola into your toilet to leave it sparkly clean.


Pour some Coca-Cola into your toilet to leave it sparkly clean.

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

Since it was invented in 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler, Cola-Cola has been the ultimate American drink. Throughout the past several decades, this refreshing drink has been a part of many historical and memorable moments for countless families. Little do people know, however, that Coca-Cola contains some harmful ingredients that have other uses, besides guilty enjoyment of course.

“I personally don’t like Coke, because it has too much sugar and it’s really bad for you. One of the main reasons that I don’t like it is because it’s bad for your teeth,” junior Alicia Schoendorff said.

Yet even for Coke haters, there may still be a reason to reach for a can. Below is a list of 9 ways a bottle of Cola can be used in everyday life, for those turned off by such scary chemicals.

Cleaning your toilet: Many of us probably despise cleaning our toilets at home; having to deal with all those strong smelly chemicals is a pain. Next time, simply pour a bottle or can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour before you scrub. Before you know it, your toilet will be as shiny as a diamond!

Moisturizing your skin: If you have dry skin, or desire even softer skin, a little bit of Coca-Cola will do the job. By adding just a tablespoon of Coca-Cola in your regular moisturizer, you’re skin will be left smooth and glowing.

Deterring bugs: Can’t enjoy a beautiful sunny day because of those irritating bugs? Just open a couple cans of Coca-Cola and place them in several areas in your yard. The insects will instantly be attracted to the sweet drink and get trapped inside the cans like prisoners. You can also pour Coca-Cola on an ant pile and rid them for good.

Emergency dishwasher: Having to wash pots and pans takes loads of arm muscle as well as dish soap to get them to be clean and shiny. Instead of having to do all of the work, just pour a reasonable amount of the savory drink into any pot or pan, and let it sit for a few minutes. The chemicals will fight and loosen all dirty grime, making it much easier to clean.

Rust Fighter: Have you ever had any rusty tools or other objects that just won’t work? Don’t worry, Coca-Cola is here to save the day! By dipping your tools in a cup of fresh Cola, the drink’s phosphoric acid will work its magic and leave any object as if it were brand new! If you’ve left your bike outside to rust, simply grab a towel or rag, dip it in the fizzy drink and rub off all of those rust stains to get your bicycle up and running again.

Pain Neutralizer: Getting stung by a jellyfish, bee or any other bug is quite painful. Next time you ever come across this situation, quickly grab a bottle or can of Coca-Cola and pour a small amount on the affected area. In just a matter of seconds, the sugary drink will have numbed the pain right away.

Gum remover: Sometimes, instead of ending up in your mouth, gum decides to attach to your hair or to the bottom of your shoe. If you ever find yourself in such a hassle, instead of deciding to cut off your hair or throw away your shoe, just soak the sticky mess in Cola and the gum will be easier to dislodge!

Getting rid of stains: Having to remove a stain from your favorite shirt is dreadful, and usually stain removers end up being pretty expensive. Next time, before washing your stained clothes, pour some Cola in the washer with your detergent, and your clothes will be left good as new!

Pool cleaner: Do you want to have your pool rust free and shiny before your next party? Grab two liters of Coca-cola, and pour them straight into your pool, letting the concession sit for a while. In just the blink of an eye, your pool will be polished, leaving your guests very impressed.

It’s shocking that the famous fizzy drink has so many alternative uses for its detrimental chemical makeup. In the future, before deciding to take a sip of this tasty, yet addictive, drink, use it to clean your dishes or moisturize your skin!