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Mora’s Latest Album, ESTRELLA Predictably Shines Bright

Joseph Abrahantes
Showcasing a wide variety of music including classic reggaetón and smooth dance hall, Mora’s latest album ,“ESTRELLA”, has gone viral, leaving a lasting impression on the Puerto Rican artist’s career.

Artist: Mora

Album Title: ESTRELLA

Release Date: Aug. 28, 2023

Genre: reggaetón, trap and electronic

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Born as Gabriel Mora Quintero, Mora is a Puerto Rican urban genre singer, composer and music producer. Since his days as a SoundCloud artist, he has made a name for himself as one of the biggest names in the new generation of reggaetón. Mora first saw fame after his collaboration with Bad Bunny on “Una Vez” on the latter’s YHLQMDLG album, giving him a taste of the reggaetón industry. After the release of his debut album, Primer Día De Clases, Feb. 5, 2021, Mora would rise to be yet another incredibly successful reggaetón figure from Puerto Rico.

Known for his collaborations with similar artists, he has released hit after hit, never letting his audience down. His newest album was a complete surprise to his fans, with no previous announcements to make ESTRELLA‘s arrival that much more special. Released on Aug. 28, ESTRELLA was yet another sensation, with unknown diversity in both song rhythms and collaborators.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Building off of the well-written first track, “PASAJERO” tells the story of casual love that turns into something more. This time adding in some noticeable bass, the song gives a more energetic or exciting feeling love story. As the artist looks for company, his eyes suddenly meet an unknown person’s. Despite the common occurrence, Mora claims that this small, seemingly insignificant, interaction with said stranger was special. The following lines express the artists desire to get to know and explore this love interest, who he describes as a “labyrinth”.

“I absolutely loved how Mora included a couple of more romantic songs into this album. Just like MEDIA LUNA, PASAJERO is about a strong romantic connection between two people, which is something we don’t really see in the reggaetóne scene anymore. It’s refreshing,” junior Liam De Jong said.

The lines “…por ti me porto bonito” and “Yo te espero, aunque sea un ratito” show the artists devotion to his lover not only by changing his unfaithful ways, but also by staying by their side despite the passing of time. The tracks most striking lyric is undoubtedly, “No hay castillo sin princesa, y estar sin ti no me interesa”, signifying Mora’s disinterest and discontent with the thought of losing his lover.

Track 8: LAGUNA (feat. Arcángel)

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

With an ominous start, “LAGUNA” prepares the listener by anticipating the beat drop that follows the introduction of Arcángel first verse. The song continues with a fast-pased beat after that, complimenting the collaborator’s talented rap. Both the beat and the singer’s words set the pace for an excited and energetic listener, who’s heartbeat accompanies the singer’s. Both Mora and Arcángel explain their willingness to follow their muses actions and have her take the lead with the phrases, “si eres tú, las consecuencias no las mido.”

“PÓLVORA was my favorite song in the album, it has good lyrics and a great beat. On the other hand, I didn’t really like Laguna, it was really repetitive, and was just more similar to other songs on the album,” sophomore Nicolas Ojesto said.

The pauses for slower, deeper verses like “aun no entiendo lo que hiciste conmigo” juxtaposes the lively speed of the song and give the artists an individual chance to describe their feelings of uncertainty in their relationships, but their desire to continue enjoying them. The switch between Mora’s deep voice and Arcangel’s higher pitch pairs nicely as the singers switch seamlessly throughout the song, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

Track 3: PÓLVORA

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The song commences with the entrance of their muse, and her tempting nature that captures Mora first. Yandel enters the song with the first mention of the refrain: “y si hoy se nos dio, pa’ que evirtarlo?”, as the beat drops, sparking an incomparable energy that will follow throughout the song. After the chorus, Yandel continues into the first verse singing about how their muse magically captures all the attention, accompanied by a beat change that proves the singer’s experience with reggaetón.

“I expected Mora to come through for his fans, even with the surprise album. I really liked PÓLVORA’s beat and how Mora incorporated Yandel’s voice into the song. I think it wasn’t too repetitive, but instead very catchy. Just like all of Mora’s other songs, it was really enjoyable,” sophomore Sofia Abril said.

Mora and Yandel emphasize their easy-going flow and their want to follow through with whatever plans arise. The active music hypes the listener as the singers state the unparelled effect their lover has on them, repeating the line “sabe que soy fuego y ella es pòlvora.” In the bridge, Yandel slows down when he states “y me tire una sonrisa que me da seguridad,” which gives a hint of tenderness, proving that their feelings are not only amorous, but genuine and softhearted. This motif of passionate and animate love is almost contagious, thanks to the song’s breaks for slower verses and unfailing returns to more vivacious, dynamic verses.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

MEDIA LUNA” is the album’s most romantic and significant song by far. Separating itself from the bulk of reggaetón songs, “MEDIA LUNA” refrains from using strong bass or drums, tapping into the soft, emotional aspect of its story. The song begin with the lyric, “Si estamos los dos en un mismo cuarto, el cielo no se ve tan alto”, immediately demonstrating the empowerment Mora feels when in his lover’s presence.

“Although I regularly prefer most upbeat and bass-heavy songs, MEDIA LUNA has some really meaningful and beautiful lyrics I just cant pass up. It’s a simple, go-to song for when you’re not feeling that cookie cutter reggaetón stlye,” sophomore Felipe Yamada said.

Throughout the track, Mora highlights the important role his lover plays in his life, describing them as “el motor del barco”, “mi media luna”, “mi tesoro” and “mi fortuna”. As if the lyrics were not clear enough already, the line “Si te tiras de un barranco, detrás tuyo salto” exemplifies his willingness to follow his lover blindly. The melodic and sentimental lyrics serve as a strong base for the rest of the album.

Although the tracks have faced varying hate from online critics due to their supposed lack in production, repetitive nature and flat beats, the album has become a hit. Mora’s versatility when it comes to composition of songs truly shined through this album, displaying his ability to execute classic bassy reggaetón as well as a more dance hall style.  The catchy rhythms and memorable features have allowed the album to flourish and continue to build on the artist’s already hard-hitting portfolio.

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