The Dual Enrollment Craze


Natalia Perez

A typical day in the dual enrollment class of Human Growth and Development.

Daniela Quijano, Editor

Each year, more and more high school students choose to become part of the dual enrollment program. Offered both at school and on several college campuses, it is a program that offers college level class to high school students for free.

The dual enrollment program’s main focus is to give high school students the opportunity to obtain both high school and college credits. This is not only academically enriching and challenging, but can also help students save money when entering college. Enrolling in the dual enrollment program is free for high school students meaning a class that would normally cost $1,600 can be taken for free while obtaining college credit.

“[Dual enrollment classes] are a phenomenal opportunity for students to enrich their academic careers with a taste of the college curriculum. I learned a great deal that I most probably wouldn’t have learned in an ordinary high school class,” junior Howard Senior said.

Both Miami Dade College and FIU have excellent Dual Enrollment programs which students can easily access by requesting an application form from their school counselor. The application process is quick and only requires a passing score on the Post-secondary education readiness test (PERT) and fulfillment of previous course requirements for some classes.

Also, there is an immediate GPA boost that comes with Dual Enrollemt courses since they are weighed at 6 points (the same way an Advanced Placement class is). These extra points are very attractive to those students that want to obtain college credit without all the pressure of taking an Advanced Placement exam and boosting their GPA at the same time.

The college credits obtained through the Dual Enrollment program are valid in Florida colleges, however, if going to an out-of-state school, it might be necessary to consult with the college directly to verify if Dual Enrollment credits are transferrable. However, even if credits are not transferrable, the experience is irreplaceable.

“I think the Dual Enrollment program benefits be a lot because I’m getting accustomed to a college setting which I’m sure I’m going to need to get used to in 2 years,” junior Natalia Perez said.

Dual Enrollment courses can be taken during summer or during the school year. Taking dual Enrollment courses during the summer is a great way to use time wisely and perhaps get ahead for the upcoming year. A student can take up to 2 courses at the same time.

“I would recommend the program to those students that are dedicated. College isn’t like high school and the atmosphere is different.” junior Kevin Torgas said.

Next time you’re looking for a productive way to spend your time, why not take a Dual Enrollment course? It´s free, it boosts your GPA, and you will learn something new!