Complaints Over Cyberpunk 2077 Graphics


Michael Evelyn

Graphics of Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles such as the PS4 compared to the advertised graphics presented at E3.

Michael Evelyn, Staff Writer

With the release of the PlayStation 5, many new video games have been announced to be available in the near future, one of these being Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk was advertised to be an open-world action game with state of the art graphics and reliable performance even for older generation consoles like the PS4. Advertising a partnership with actor Keanu Reeves, players were excited to get their hands on it by the release date of Dec. 10. With a series of tweets, the developing company, CD Projekt Red, announced there had been over eight million pre-orders and had generated over $50 million on Steam. However, after receiving the game, buyers were disappointed with the quality and overall performance.

“Since its announcement in 2019, I was really excited to play the game but probably won’t buy it any more because of the terrible graphics,” junior Oliver Michel said.

With the large map and open world aspects, players had initial concerns on how Cyberpunk would run on slower machines. At the reveal, it seemed almost too good to be true that a game of this size would be able to run smoothly on the Xbox One series or PS4. In 2019, when shown at E3, a large gaming event where companies can showcase new and developing projects, players were able to watch a 15-minute gameplay video of Cyberpunk 2077. Customers anticipated the release of Cyberpunk after seeing its potential, even predicting it could surpass GTA 5, the most popular open-world game around the world.

However, after purchasing the game, players were upset with the quality and overall performance. They explained how, especially on the older generation of consoles, the quality of was lacking, and many have gone to Twitter to express their opinions. Some are reporting sub-par graphics compared to the trailer and early gameplay that was shown, and others are reporting issues of the game not functioning at all.

I was going to buy Cyberpunk 2077, but after seeing the complaints, I decided to wait until they fix the problems with PS4 and Xbox One.

— junior Isaac Zerdoun

The developer of the Cyberpunk, Marcin Iwinski, has publicly apologized and has offered refunds for those who have experienced any performance or visual issues. He has also apologized for not showing the game’s performance on older generation consoles, which has led to some people buying the product under a false impression of how it would look.

Marcin and his team of developers hope to fix the game and make it be able to run at advertised speeds on the older generation consoles. The head company has come out and said that there will be small patches and changes coming within the next couple of weeks which would be followed by larger updates coming in January and February of 2021.

CD Projekt hopes that after these changes, Cyberpunk will be able to be played on any platform at enjoyable speeds and the advertised graphics. After seeing the initial amount of sales, if the company is able to fix these issues quick enough, this game could become one of the most played of all time, even catching up to GTA 5.