CavsConnect’s Senior Crown Contest for the Class of 2020


Jimena Romero

It is your time to shine, class of 2020! Flaunt your Cavalier spirit throughout the first week of school with the CavsConnect Senior Crown Contest, running from Monday, Aug. 19 through Friday, Aug. 23.

Daniel Toll, Co-Editor-in-Chief

To the graduating class of 2020: the time has finally arrived! You all are seniors. While this may be the final chapter of your high school experience, the festivities, the excitement and the memories have yet to climax. In a year that is destined to fulfill and exceed all of your senior year expectations, the CavsConnect team hopes to catalyze senior spirit and get the school year started with a full head of steam through our Senior Crown Contest!

The contest will be held throughout the entirety of the first week of school – from Aug. 19 through Aug. 23 – and the winner will be announced on Monday, Aug. 26. Once the winning senior is announced, they will be able to redeem one of two possible senior gear prizes: a class shirt of your choice with sweatpants or a class hoodie of your choice with sweatpants. If you are interested in participating in this year’s Senior Crown Contest, please continue reading the instructions below.

  1. Throughout the previously stated time span, take a picture with a teacher of your choice while donning your senior crown.
  2. After you have taken your picture, forward your picture to @cavsconnect on Instagram through a Direct Message in order to be considered as a candidate for the contest. If you would prefer to send it via email, please send your picture to [email protected], and include “Senior Crown Contest” and your name in the subject line. Only seniors are considered eligible to participate, and all senior crown pictures must be sent to CavsConnect by Friday, Aug. 26.
  3. Once your picture has been sent, it will be posted onto CavsConnect’s Instagram account. However, your picture will be uploaded with the pictures of nine other candidates; ten seniors will be represented with every post.
  4. Under every post’s comment section, CavsConnect will leave a comment under this structure: “Like for Picture 1” or “Like for Picture 2”. This same format will be applied to all the pictures represented per post, and the winner of the contest will be determined by the picture that receives the most likes in the comment section.
  5. In order to be updated about any of our contest’s posts, be sure to turn on post notifications for the CavsConnect Instagram and spread the word to your friends and classmates. Good luck!