JFK and the Nightmare on Flight 203


Mark Snyder

Illness breaks out on Emirates Flight 203.

Mark Snyder, Staff Writer

Emirates Flight 203 departing from Dubai arrived at JFK on Sep. 5 with a group of passengers who complained of fever, vomiting and coughing. The airport was notified about 30 minutes before landing that an estimated 106 passengers were complaining about experiencing these flu-like symptoms.

By the time the plane touched down in New York, emergency services were waiting outside to assist the ill passengers. Ten people who were taken to the hospital tested positive for some form of the flu virus. Patients remain hospitalized until further test results become available.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spent three hours checking all 549 passengers to ensure that their vital signs were normal. There were quarantined for about 3 hours, while the officials continued to check the plane for the passengers complaining of sickness.  The CDC asked all passengers on board to notify a health provider and their local health department if any of the symptoms developed. The majority of the passengers continued with their travels, but those who couldn’t travel were recommended to visit their nearest physician for a checkup.

“May the passengers get through this ordeal and get healthier as soon as possible. I feel really bad for [them],” senior Yohanet Perez said.

Some of the passengers on board were part of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, raising concerns about these individuals’ ability to spread the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which is currently circulating around Saudi Arabia, to their home countries all around the world.

MERS is a viral respiratory illness that has a long history of outbreaks in Middle Eastern countries. Most of the people affected by this illness find themselves afflicted with fever, cough and shortness of breath. Currently, no passengers have tested positive for MERS, but patients are still awaiting further testing.

”Hope they get well soon, and may their God be with them,” said Senior Yoselin Franco

Among all passengers on flight 203 was 90’s rapper “Vanilla Ice” who was traveling from South Africa, and connected flights in Saudi Arabia, to his final destination in New York. He was not reported to have any illness.

Hopefull,y all the passengers involved this frightening situation will have a speedy recovery from their illness and safe travels from now on.

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