Anti-Trump Protests


Ian Witlen

Protests in Downtown Miami were made up of thousands of people.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

This past weekend Anti-Trump protesters took to the streets of their cities in light of the past election. Protests have reached their fifth day in cities like Los Angeles and Portland. Even in Miami, Clinton supporters went to Downtown and even stopped traffic on major expressways. These protests embody American citizens’ concerns as president elect, Donald Trump, gets closer to being the official president of the United States.

In Los Angeles, California protests were made up of 8,000 people on Saturday as they were upset with many of Trump’s policies. In front of the CNN building in LA, over a hundred people stood outside expressing their feelings when it came to their opinion on president elect. Even students on the Eastside of Los Angeles left class and staged a walk out. The youth made a big part of the protests: high school students were present and made it known they were there by creating their own chants.

The protests happening in Portland, Oregon have been the most violent unlike the other protests happening all over the country. A shooting and the arrest of 71 people occurred as protesters threw bottles and  road flares at police.

“I keep getting asked what exactly I was protesting because Trump is in fact the president elect and that won’t change. I’ve been so enraged and saddened and even scared since last Tuesday night and it felt so good to stand with another 3000 people who felt like I did because before then, I was genuinely feeling so alone,” senior Gabriela Rivas said.

The voices of thousands of Southern Floridians were heard over the weekend in Miami. Thousands flooded the streets of Downtown Miami and even shut down the MacArthur Causeway until they reached I-95. People also formed a protesting group in Wynwood, but this was one of the more smaller groups around the city.

“It was a very positive protest. I didn’t agree with all the chants but I think it’s important to speak out on things you believe in. No one got hurt and no protestors were rude to street-goers. the only violence was from trump supporters on the street but they were small amongst the 3000 there,” senior Bryan Tucker said.

These protests were only some of many. Many are going around the country to spread what they believe in as the election did not make many happy. Though, Trump did win president-elect, many around the nation believe that he is not fit to be president. Soon riots and protest shall end in spite of the fact not much can be changed now.