Hi-Tech Freshmen


Robert Dedonatis

Ms. Cosgrove’s World History class gets used to the new tablets.

Robert Dedonatis, Staff Writer

All across the country, schools are trying to improve their classrooms and student productivity by implementing more advanced technology. Gables is following the same path with the incorporation of tools such as the Promethean boards in all of the classrooms. However, an freshmen-exclusive addition is the provision of Windows 8 tablets for both school and home use. They are designated specifically for use in AP and Pre-IB World History classes, as well as some math classes. Students will not be able to take home the devices until their parents sign off their permission. The meetings parents can attend to give this O.K. will be held in the auditorium on September 2-4  according to last names, with make-ups following. On top of the school providing tablets, Gables is encouraging students of all grades to bring their own devices (i.e. laptops and tablets).

“It’s nice that the new kids have tablets for their learning experience coming into high school because it’s something they grew up with and know how to use. It makes learning fun and easy for them. Although freshmen are the only grade level getting the tablets, students in other grades should be able to have the privilege of using them, since it would make learning fun for them as well,” junior Ricky Romero said.

The school’s implementation of tablets is a result of multiple things, such as classrooms not having enough books for every student and not wanting to continuously spend money for the replacement of textbooks every few years. Some think that the use of tablets will eventually replace the use of physical textbooks entirely, with the advancement in classrooms leading to the replacement of teachers altogether. According to CBS News, “A survey of teachers of American middle and secondary school students in February found that digital technology was central to their teaching.”

“I do think some teachers are very excited about using the tablets, but others are hesitant because they are not familiar with the technology. I personally like having technology in the classroom, but also like to do tangible things without it,” AP World History teacher Ms. Noval said.

Most of the freshmen class is excited by the opportunity that is being presented – to not only change their learning experience but hopefully also improve it. Some students, however, may continue clinging on to the idea of using paper. At the rate we’re going, the likelihood of still using that method of learning in the near future seems minimal, which may incline those fond of physical resources to adjust.

“I like the use of technology and how much the school is advancing, but I personally prefer an actual book because I think that you actually absorb the information better from a physical book,” freshman Sara Saliamanos said.

For answers to questions you may have regarding the tablets, parents can attend the previously mentioned meeting held in the auditorium on September 2 for last names A-L, September 3 for last names M-Z and September 4 for parents who could not attend on either of those dates. Only time will tell what the school plans to further do with this resourceful implementation. Let’s hope that the system succeeds and eventually leads to all schools and grade levels receiving tablets.