Glenis Mendoza Shines Bright as Recipient of Coveted Univision Scholarship


Jacqueline Rodero

CAP Advisor, Ms. Sanz giving senior Glenis Mendoza a warm embrace as a congratulations for her accomplishments in winning the Orgullo de Nuestra Juventud” Academic Achievement Award.

As the Class of 2023 decides on where they would like to call their next four years home, some apply to a variety of scholarships to help ease the cost of college. While there are several scholarships available such as Posse and Questbridge, International Baccalaureate senior Glenis Mendoza was nominated for academic excellence in the Univision’s 25th Annual “Orgullo de Nuestra Juventud” Academic Achievement Award.

This award seeks to recognize students who have demonstrated a solid commitment to learning despite significant personal obstacles. The scholarship is offered through Univision and other foundations such as Publix and Papa John’s, choosing students who are committed to making a positive impact in their community after graduation. The scholarship is available to all incoming college freshmen and is renewable for up to three additional years, with a $10,000 annual scholarship.   

“Receiving the award was a big surprise. I remember calling my parents and letting the people I cared about know. It was just shocking, it is obviously an amazing opportunity, and I am beyond honored,” senior Glenis Mendoza said. 

Mendoza was first nominated by Gables’ College Assistance Program advisor, Ms. Sanz whom she first met through cheerleading. While Mendoza was surprised to be nominated, she decided to apply and write her two required essays for the application process. After several days of revising her essays, she submitted her application on Jan. 26. By March, Mendoza found out she was a finalist for the award under the category of Academic Excellence Through Perseverance. 

Capturing her daily life, Mendoza is in Mr. Molina’s class as she studies for her IB biology exams in May. (Courtesy of Glenis Mendoza)

When I was asked to nominate students for Univision’s 25th Annual “Orgullo de Nuestra Juventud” Academic Achievement Award, Glenis Mendoza was the first student who came to mind. Some people may recognize Glenis from seeing her cheer on the Cavaliers on the sidelines. But from that, you would never know the hurdles she has overcome throughout the last year,” CAP advisor Ms. Sanz said.  

Detailing her personal experience throughout her time at Gables while combating several medical problems, Mendoza’s story resonated with her applicants as they nominated her for having preserved her high school career. She, along with ten other seniors from Miami-Dade County Public Schools, was rewarded with an additional surprise as Univision Miami producers entered the campus and videotaped her with an insight into her typical day.

“I had the amazing opportunity to be filmed in a school that I am proud to go to and showcase the cheerleading team that has such a special place in my heart, the SNHS club, and some of my wonderful classmates,” senior Mendoza said.   

Ending her day with being filmed at Gables, Mendoza is doing cheerleading practice as the production team in Univision films her. (Courtesy of Glenis Mendoza) 

From decorating a chalk wall for senior spirit week, taking notes in IB Biology with Mr. Molina, running the Science National Honor Society monthly meetings as club president and cheerleading alongside her peers, Univision Miami producers were able to capture an entire day in Mendoza’s world

“Glenis has honestly saved the SNHS. After COVID, the club was not doing well. She single-handedly brought the club back. So, that for sure helped her get the scholarship. It definitely shows her leadership skills,” Mr. Molina said.

Having grown up watching the channel with her parents, Mendoza’s dream of winning a scholarship is now at ease from a lower tuition fee for a successful future in college. While currently undecided, Mendoza looks towards achieving her goal of impacting people in her community with her story so that others may see her in a different light, all thanks to Univision.