Ms. Driver Makes the Move to California


Guiliana Garces

Ms. Driver dedicated herself to helping Cavaliers for seven years, whether it was through her work as an IB Counselor, the CAP counselor or the sponsor of Bhangra.

While the new school year brings new students and faculty into the halls of Coral Gables Senior High, it also brings a time to bid farewell as former Cavaliers move on to pursue new and exciting opportunities. This summer, after seven years at Gables, College Assistance Program Counselor Ms. Driver has moved across the country to start her new life in California.

After getting married over the summer, Ms. Driver decided to make the move to the Bay Area, where her husband lives. The couple decided that going to the Golden State would be the right move for them at the moment.

Ms. Driver began her journey at Gables in 2015 as an International Baccalaureate counselor and later became the CAP advisor in 2019, a career she describes as her dream job. Other than helping students with the college application process, she served as the Silver Knight coordinator and sponsored Bhangra, Gables’ traditional Indian dance club.

At Gables, she considered her biggest accomplishment to be helping Cavaliers achieve their post-high school goals, whether it be assisting them in getting accepted into their dream schools or figuring out their next steps in the college acceptance process. As the CAP advisor, Ms. Driver not only assisted students in their individual journeys, but also organized informational events like the college fair, college visits and the College Application Readiness Symposium.

Applying to college is a burden and a stressful process for many students. I wanted to alleviate that and help students find their next steps after high school,

— Ms. Driver

“I could tell Ms. Driver was really dedicated to her work and was really working for the benefit of the students. I remember how she would always post about scholarships on Edmodo, so it was clear she cared about helping us and keeping us informed,” senior Francesca Rico said.

Looking back on her time at Gables, Ms. Driver describes the students and all the opportunities afforded to them as her favorite part of the job. She loves how Gables students are engaged, driven and motivated, believing that being a Cavalier means being well-rounded and kind. She particularly appreciates how student-run Gables is and describes the students as being some of the most hardworking and helpful students she has had the opportunity to interact with.

“Ms. Driver was a good guide in helping me out with my college process and seeing what options I had. If I ever had any doubts, she was always there. Talking one on one with her, she helped me find specific websites where I could apply for scholarships. She also illuminated me on how to reach out to colleges to ask questions,” senior Fabio Tinoco said.

As she transitions to life in California, Ms. Driver looks forward to the sunny weather, mountains and hiking. She will be taking on a job as a counselor at another similar high school. Although she may now be a Bronco, her time as a Cavalier will not be forgotten.