Creative Writing Club


Moira Meijaard

Club president Moira Meijaard informing club members about upcoming events.

Yeileny Lopez , Staff Writer

The Creative Writing Club is all about students finding their place at Gables through writing. Creative Writing has monthly meetings where anyone can come and share their work. Their goal is to provide a place for writers who want to share a their work. This year, the club is also having rap battles and the club’s president, Moira Meijaard, wants to host writing seminars for the members.

“I could go on and on for ages about it. I love writing, and I think it’s an art that doesn’t get very much attention. This club allows for people who have the same passion for writing and  literature to get together, which for me is awesome and inspiring coming from such a small school. To have a club like this is a real treat,” Meijaard said.

Meijaard would like to put more power in the hands of the members in regards to the kinds of activities that the club will do by taking more suggestions for meetings and activities. Meijaard did not run for president – instead, she applied for Vice-President and Treasurer. In her application, she wrote a note saying that she understood that since she has only been in the school for one year, that she might not get any board position. Despite this, Meijaard’s passion for the club and writing was conveyed during her interview, and she was awarded her position.

Vice-President Iris Cordero’s love for writing and being able to express herself inspired her to run for Vice-President. Cordero hopes to include more activities outside the club and provide more opportunities for the members to get their works out to the community.

“The club is like a mini family to me – a group of people that understand the joy of reading and writing,” Cordero said.

Anyone is welcome to participate – be sure to attend one of their meetings! The Creative Writing Club meets on the last Tuesday of every month.