FBLA Leaves Their Legacy At States

Parliamentary Procedure team strikes a pose with their trophies.

Maria Estrada

Parliamentary Procedure team strikes a pose with their trophies.

Maria F. Estrada, Staff Writer

After numerous days of studying and preparation, members of the club Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) who had qualified to participate at the annual state competition went on their way to the annual State Leadership Conference at Orlando, Florida. Sixty-nine students were able to go head-to-head against some of the most qualified schools in Florida. The four day trip consisted of hours of testing, group performances, and bonding between the Cavaliers.

“We had a feeling we were going to get top 5, but placing 2nd in the state was pretty unexpected. Hopefully, next year, the team will be able to surpass past years and get 1st place,” junior Leila Iskandarani said.

Following the multiple choice test and group performances, the wait was over and the results were announced at the award ceremony on Sunday, Mar. 13.  As the members sat in their chairs yearning for their names to called, the Gables’ very own Design Business Plan and Parliamentary Procedure placed to go to the National Leadership Conference this summer. Coming in third place, junior Mark Hurtado and junior Jorge Troitino are taking their business plan all the way to nationals and are ready to embrace future competition. In addition, the Parliamentary Procedure team got second place in the entire state. The team consist of Maria C. Estrada, Maria F. Estrada, Joseph Villafane and Leila Iskandarani. The five members are looking forward to leaving their legacy at the upcoming National Leadership Conference.

“It was a very special moment for my partner and I because this is a business plan we’ve been working on for a while; I’ve even registered the corporation officially in the state of Florida. I’m extremely excited for nationals and I welcome the upcoming challenges with open arms,” junior Mark Hurtado said.

FBLA was proud to represent the school statewide and can’t wait to see the Cavaliers kick it off in Atlanta this summer. Expecting the product of their hard work, both teams are bringing their best game at the National Leadership Conference.