How to get the COVID-19 Vaccine as a Minor

Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer

Up until now only people over the age of 18 could get a COVID-19 vaccine. People from the ages 16 and up can now get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is not approved for those under the age of 16; however, it is expected to be approved soon. Until then, here is how you can get a vaccine if you are 16 or older.
“Getting the COVID-19 vaccine was one of the easiest processes of my life to be completely honest. My appointment was at CVS, and it ran super smoothly. I’m so glad that I was able to be vaccinated because after a year of quarantining because it points towards returning to a normal life. The happiness and hope for a normal senior year I got from getting the vaccine were unexplainable and amazing,” junior Andrea Delgado said.
Step One:
The first thing to do in order to sign up for a vaccine is to Pre-Register. This can be done by selecting the county link when searching “Miami Dade COVID-19 Vaccine”. This will then lead you to the site where you can register. Another option is to go to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital website. Once on their site, you can click where it says COVID-19 and make your appointment.
Step Two:
Once you are sure your appointment is approved and scheduled the next step is to show up at the designated location at the scheduled time and date of your appointment. Depending on the location, you will receive an email that will explain any additional identification or paperwork you may need to bring with you. It may also indicate the specifics of the vaccine you will be receiving. While receiving the vaccine both you and the health care provider will be wearing masks at all times and social distancing from others will be in place.
Step Three:
After the vaccine is administered you will be monitored for 15 minutes. Before leaving, you will also receive a vaccination card that explains the specifics of the vaccine you received. Since Pfizer is administered in two dosages and is the vaccine that is approved for people age 16-18 if that is the vaccine you received you will have to return on the indicated date.

“The process was relatively straightforward and waiting in line could have been worse. The day of I felt perfect, but I got a minor headache the next day. The headache didn’t last long at all. I did have arm soreness for a few days, but it was completely negligible. Overall [there were] no major discomforting symptoms,” junior Jose Fernandez said.

It is normal to experience common side effects after receiving the vaccine. However, if redness/tenderness persists for over 24 hours or your symptoms are worrisome or long-lasting it is recommended that you contact a doctor/ healthcare provider. But, two weeks after receiving the last dose of the vaccine you are fully vaccinated. It is still recommended to wear masks and social distance after receiving the vaccine as you could transmit the virus to others and/or get the virus while vaccinated. Remember receiving a vaccine does not mean that a person or those around them is immune to the virus, it only lowers the chances of getting the virus/transmitting it.

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