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The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


PSA: Endangered Species

Kennedy Martin-Jones, CavsTV Staff Jan 1, 2021

Millions of animals die each year and for what? For our own personal gain, people will do anything to make money, even if the cost is killing an innocent elephant. Not only that, but climate change and...

The Climate Crisis: Pollution

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff Nov 24, 2020

Pollution is constantly affecting our quality of life, it operates mysteriously and is often not seen by the naked eye. At the rate we are going it is predicted that by 2030 there will be more plastic...

10 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

10 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff Oct 18, 2020

Now more than ever, we have to shift our focus to the health of our planet in order to preserve it for generations to come. Here are ten easy and practical ways you can make a positive impact on the planet...

PSA: Pollution

PSA: Pollution

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff Sep 15, 2020

The effects of pollution on our planet are extensive and affecting us all. This is real and it is happening right now. This video showcases the idea of change and what could continue to happen if we don't...

These are some eco-friendly products that students can use on a daily basis.

The Last Straw

Alexander Yagoda, Opinion Editor Aug 15, 2018

In the past couple months, the municipal governments of America turned their eyes away from all minor distractions, like crime, maintenance and public safety, to address the one true evil of the modern...

Thousands of attendees enjoy the event but forget to clean up the beaches and waters afterwards.

Floating In Pollution?

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer May 11, 2016

Environmentalists have decided to take action against detrimental festival known as Floatopia. Floatopia is a free beach event in which everyone who participates brings their own float and has fun in...

Here is the prototype for the invention that will help rid the ocean of tons of plastics.

The Ocean Cleanup: How One Young Man Aims to Change the World

Sophie Feinberg, Editor Mar 7, 2016

Boyan Slat is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Ocean Cleanup, a company that aims to "extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution by initiating the largest cleanup in history"...

Smog over the city of Beijing, PRC.

Pollution Levels Become Dangerous in Beijing

John Hiaasen, Staff Writer Dec 10, 2015

On Monday, Dec. 7, smog levels in Japan reached dangerous levels in Beijing, People's Republic of China (PRC), causing them to issue an "Orange Alert", the penultimate alert level. Schools were closed,...

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