As many students have come to notice over the past two weeks, the internet quality at Gables has been extremely poor, resulting in frustration all throughout the campus.

Dadeschools WiFi Up in Flames

Nicholas Calindro, Staff Writer September 8, 2021

From the start of our extra-long spring break in 2020 to now, internet access has been an essential resource to nearly every student at Coral Gables Senior High. Even when students returned at a staggering...

Cancel culture, a toxic social media phenomenon, needs to be canceled itself.

Should We Cancel Cancel-Culture?

Mia Cabrera, Staff Writer October 9, 2020

Although fame may have its perks, it also has its downsides, leaving celebrities with practically no privacy. Everything a public figure does or says gets put under the spotlight to be analyzed by their...

Stand up for net Neutrality

The “Total” Package: Net Neutrality

Gabriella Torna, Staff Writer January 6, 2018

The Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to vote against net neutrality has sparked controversy as many social-media users are resisting the end of their digital rights. Removing net neutrality...

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can legally make big bucks by selling their user's Internet history and information to major advertisement companies.

When Congress Sold the Internet

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer April 2, 2017

The week of March 27,  2017 was a poor one for the democratic society we all know. For, in this week, the Senate decided to repeal a landmark law that required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain...

Recap: Feb. 23 - March 1

Recap: Feb. 23 – March 1

Daniela Quijano, Editor February 28, 2015

International Affairs Georgia to execute its 1st female prisoner in 70 years Kelly Gissendaner was sentenced to death after having plotted to kill her husband. Although Gissendaner did not commit...

Youtuber Craze

Youtuber Craze

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer March 28, 2014

When you log on to YouTube, you open a door to a website like no other. From the 'rawr' comments to exchanging beauty tips, the range of topics covered is unmatched. Regardless of this, a sense of community...

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