Asian American Hate Amidst COVID-19

Gabriel Wagner, CavsTV Staff April 17, 2021

Asian Americans are the third largest minority group in the United States, making up approximately 5.9% of the total population (2019 US Census). Anti-Asian sentiment has been present in the United States...

Cancel culture, a toxic social media phenomenon, needs to be canceled itself.

Should We Cancel Cancel-Culture?

Mia Cabrera, Staff Writer October 9, 2020

Although fame may have its perks, it also has its downsides, leaving celebrities with practically no privacy. Everything a public figure does or says gets put under the spotlight to be analyzed by their...

The increased number of terrorist attacks has caused  a widespread hatred towards Muslim people, called Islamophobia.


Bhargavi Pochi, Editor January 21, 2015

On Jan. 7, 2014, Islamic terrorists massacred 12 cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, France. Subsequently, on Jan. 9 another Islamic terrorist held French citizens hostage in a Kosher...

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