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The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Senior Grace Urbita poses with Principal Mr. Ullivarri, School Board Member Mari Tere Rojas and others at her SYIP internship.

Senior Grace Urbita Takes On the School Board Administration

Avril Donner, Staff Writer Sep 1, 2022

While returning back to the school system over the summer may seem like a humorous joke for some students, for Cavalier Grace Urbita, the classroom is her second home. Starting an internship with Miami-Dade...

Four hardworking Gables seniors set their sights on a debt-free future by applying for the Questbridge scholarship.

Building a Bridge to College: Questbridge Finalists

Lenny Roque and Danny Cen Nov 2, 2021

The cost of tuition for attending university is one of the major considerations for many seniors that determines whether or not they attend the school of their dreams. To combat this determinant, Coral...

Summer Rahma is a Senior at Gables, but has experienced several different academic atmospheres throughout high school.

International Traveler: Summer Rahma Returns From Turkey

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer Mar 7, 2021

Returning from Turkey is senior Summer Rahma, who recalls her time in the Southeastern European country. Rahma was a Cavalier during her sophomore year, but left Coral Gables Senior High to pursue her...

California teachers go on strike for better salaries, resources, and smaller class sizes.

Teachers Protest Education System in California

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer Jan 16, 2019

As the Los Angeles education funding plummeted, teachers and staff grew restless at the lack of funding for necessary resources in schools. This week, more than 30,000 teachers and their supporters gathered...

With so many controversial topics up in the air, people cant help but wonder if teachers should be allowed to address such topics in a classroom setting.

Should Teachers Discuss Controversial Topics?

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer May 29, 2018

Teachers are often the first people, apart from parents, to educate children on controversial topics. They act as second parents, guiding and, at times, inadvertently molding children to think and behave...

Ceremony for the inauguration of the Teaching Academy at Gables.

Teaching Academy Partners With Miami-Dade College School of Education

Cameryn Padron, Photographer Jan 26, 2018

On Friday, Jan. 26, members of the Miami-Dade County School Board and school administrators joined in celebration of Gables' newly inaugurated Teaching Academy. The new academy aims to pave the way for...

The new teachers excited to take on the 2017-2018 school year.

A Year of Novelty

Vanessa Grau, Staff Writer Sep 3, 2017

In the 2017-2018 school year, Coral Gables Senior High has been gifted with the arrival of many new teachers, who come prepared and trained to offer their knowledge and techniques to new students. Tatiana...

School voucher programs create a heated dialogue amongst many.

Public Education to be Placed on the Endangered List

Emily Simon, Staff Writer Feb 21, 2017

School vouchers are created and distributed by state governments and allow parents to use public funds to pay for an alternative form of education for their child. Today, 12 states, Florida included,...

The Common Core State Standards Initiative aims to educate young minds. However, does it actually work?

Common Core? More like Common Bore!

Emily Simon, Staff Writer Nov 14, 2016

The Common Core State Standards Initiative was created to implement a set of high-quality requirements in the subjects of mathematics and English. These standards are meant to ensure that all students...

Fred Swaniker aims to reinvent Africa through education.

Fred Swaniker’s ‘Harvard of Africa’

Natalia Torres, Staff Writer Sep 14, 2016

Fred Swaniker, 18 years old, wishes to revolutionize Africa with the most powerful tool known to mankind: education. He became headmaster at a school in Botswana opened by his mom. Since then, he has...

SAT Gives Students A Break

SAT Gives Students A Break

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer Jun 8, 2016

The Standardized Assessment Test (SAT) is one of the essential standardized tests used by colleges to see how applicants compare to one another in regards to their performance on the test. The SAT challenges...

Easy Study Tips

Easy Study Tips

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer Apr 21, 2016

When it comes to studying most of us prefer to take a nap and be slothful. Studying is often grouped with adjectives like dull and uninteresting. However, studying is beneficial and is a primary key to...

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