Dolphins Part Ways With Flores

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor

Following the conclusion of the 2021-2022 National Football League’s regular season, the Miami Dolphins ended their season with a nine to eight record. This performance was good enough to place third in the American Football Conference, but just short of a postseason appearance.

With moves needing to be made to transform the Dolphins into a true contender, the firing of Head Coach Brian Flores was one that sent shockwaves across the NFL and their fanbases. Flores served three years for the Dolphins organization, ended the season with a 24-25 record and failed to make the playoffs in those three years. Despite these outcomes, Flores was expected to return the following season.

In the 2021-2022 season, the Miami Dolphins started the season with a one to seven record as a result of injuries to key players such as Tua Taigovailoa, Will Fuller and Devonte Parker. Following their return, the Dolphins went on an eight to one run to finish the season, ending off with a nine to eight record. Throughout his tenure, it was reported Flores would engage in verbal altercations with multiple players and never saw eye-to-eye with general manager Chris Grier.

The firing of Brian Flores was one that I and I assume the majority of Miami was expecting. Although he did not give us the direct results we were hoping for, through three seasons I still feel he had done enough to warrant a return,

— senior Justin Pujol

During the 2020 NFL draft, for example, Flores and Grier could not agree on which quarterback the Dolphins should have taken with their fifth pick. Evidently, the general manager got his way with the drafting of Tagovailoa while the other prospect in question, Justin Herbert, has statistically been more impressive.

The constant theme with the Dolphins organization appears to be dysfunction and instability. With Flores and Grier being on separate sides, the players’ tempers flaring at Flores and flip-flopped season starts, it is hard to see where the Miami Dolphins go from here.

The Dolphins have already requested to interview three potential candidates, Dan Quinn, Brian Daboll and Mike Mcdaniels, to fill the newly opened position. Each candidate has their own strengths in defense, offense or leadership. Quinn served as the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator which ranked as one of the best defenses in the league. Daboll was the offensive coordinator for the offensive-driven Buffalo Bills, which can kick-start the Dolphins scoring to new heights.

“I personally really like Dan Quinn, the Cowboys defense has been great so far this year and that level of consistency is what this organization needs,” senior Pablo Ramirez said.

Despite the turbulent seasons that the Dolphins have endured, the future for the organization may still be optimistic as they look for a fresh start in leadership that both the players and staff can unite behind. Giving the right opportunity to, proven coaches can be just what the roster needs to grow together into hopefully a contender.