Gables Defeats Killian, 14-7

A football Tug-O-War is what happened Friday, September 18 where the Cavaliers snatched the victory from the Killian Cougars. Although the game remained scoreless throughout the first two quarters, Gables suddenly stepped up and won 14-7.

The game had a slow start, and the ball seemed to hover back and forth across the 50-yard line. Both the Cougars and Cavaliers attempted to get points, but neither team could make much of an advance towards their goal line. As the end of the first quarter approached, the game began to warm up. The second quarter observed an illegal pass for the Cavaliers giving the Cougars advantage on the Gables side of the field and put the Cvaliers in a spot of nervousness. However, the Cougars were punished later and forced to back up five yards in the middle of the second quarter and later having Juwan Horn (#5) injured by Gables’ Kristopher Moll (#21).

“The football team is doing great as far as wins and considering how they destroyed Killian in the last quarter of the game, their future as a team this year seems promising,” senior Abraham Ahumada said.

The second half observed much more action, with numerous interceptions from Gables, keeping the Cougars from getting any points. The tugging continued, but Gables’ Voshon Waiters (#5) scored a touchdown in the beginning of the third quarter, making the score 7-0. Toward the mid third quarter, Amir Rasul (#34) scored a touchdown making the score 14-0. In the last half of the fourth quarter, the Cougars made a touchdown finalizing the score at 14-7.

Despite the win, the Cavaliers will continue intense training in preparation for their next big game against Miami High on Oct. 2.